Walking for weight loss

04 May 2011 10:05 AM | Posted by bh'sLeanne
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I used to be a gym junkie, hitting my fitness club five to six nights a week but since having kids that’s all changed. However, it doesn’t mean I’ve become a couch potato and piled on the pounds. Far from it in fact, I actually feel fitter and slimmer now than I did in my twenties (that’s over 10 years ago!).

When I fell pregnant with my first child I managed to keep up my regular gym workouts until I was about six months, by which time I decided being on the cross-trainer with a great big egg in front of me was no fun at all and group pilates isn’t ideal during pregnancy.  Yet I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing at all so walking became the next best thing.

I walked for an hour most nights right up until I was about eight months. I would have liked to continue but pregnancy-related aches and pains made it too difficult so I had to hang up my trainers and rest instead.
After the birth of my beautiful daughter I couldn’t wait to get out and about and enjoy a bit of pavement pounding. Walking while pushing a stroller is not only a great strengthening exercise for you, the fresh air is beneficial for bub too.

Being outdoors and enjoying a bit of light exercise is a great way to clear your mind and energize your body. It also stops you from sitting and watching daytime TV and grazing on snacks that you really shouldn’t be eating.
On the odd occasion I’d go for a walk alone, which was slightly weird (like you’d forgotten something or someone!) but very liberating. No need to worry that you may have to find a place to breastfeed at any moment, no reason to retrace your steps looking for a lost bootie and no having to cringe as your baby screams at the top of its lungs for the entire world to hear!

When walking without the stroller I’d enjoy swinging my arms – not so much that I risked being arrested or at the very least receiving strange stares from passers-by – just enough to get the blood pumping and my heart rate up.

I now have two children and have never gone back into my high impact gym workouts because when I do find time to exercise I’d rather be enjoying the outdoors than inhaling the smell of sweat in a busy gym
Walking is easy and free. You can do it with or without bub and can make it as relaxing or rigorous as you like and if it’s results you’re after, don’t rule out walking as a fitness option as there are plenty of benefits to reap.

What benefits have you gained from walking? How have you achieved weight-loss success?

Leanne x