Nothing beats the feeling of perfectly clean teeth to make you feel good.

New Colgate Total® Advanced Clean* is Colgate’s most advanced toothpaste designed to give teeth and gums a superior clean between dentist visits and make yours a winning smile!

After using new Colgate Total® Advanced Clean toothpaste, you’ll notice your teeth feel smooth and plaque-free after just one use.

Colgate’s most advanced toothpaste, it features an advanced new cleaning silica system that works to remove plaque build-up and give teeth a superior clean. Like all Colgate Total® products, Colgate Total® Advanced Clean is clinically proven to prevent up to 98% of plaque build-up and provide 12-hour anti-bacterial protection against plaque.

Take the 3-second test immediately after brushing and you’ll notice the difference straight away! Maintain a dentist clean feeling now by picking up Colgate Total® Advanced Clean from your local supermarket.
*Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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