So let me guess, you sway down your local supermarket on the lookout for pasta sauce and trying to find the cake mix, all the while completely unaware of the fabulous beauty buys you can snap up while you’re there?

Gee, you really should pay more attention.

Yep, it seems that every time we turn around there’s another one of our favourite beauty brands perched on the shelf. It’s great news! It means we can get everything we need beauty-wise along with the milk and bread – saving time and money. Hurrah!

You know the other great thing about having our favourite brands in supermarkets? Supermarket specials. And don’t we just love it when we discover the things we need are on offer? Answer: yes.

So I thought I’d do my beauty duty and fill you in on a couple of supermarket-only specials coming up before the end of the month. Caution: read on only if you’re an incredibly savvy shopper.

At Woolworths:
You can do your hair a favour and pick up your favourite John Frieda goodies – for less! Now I can’t spill all the beans, but I can tell you the following:
20 June: the entire John Frieda Colour Care range (including John Frieda Precision Foam Colour!) is on offer for 2 weeks.
27 June: all John Frieda speciality ranges (including Full Repair/Frizz-Ease/Luxurious Volume/Root-Awakening) will be discounted for 2 weeks.
At Coles:
June is the time to stock up on your essentials. Make sure you don’t miss out on these super supermarket specials!
6 June: For two weeks, you can get Macleans Sensitive toothpaste for just $3.50 (RRP: $4.99).
13 June: For two weeks, you can get 20 per cent off Macleans Adult brushes (including Clean Control, All Angles, 3-Way).
4 July: For one week, you can get a whopping 50 per cent off Macleans Adult brushes (including Clean Control, All Angles, 3-Way).

From now until Tuesday 19 June: take $4 off all COVERGIRL foundations.


What are you favourite supermarket buys?

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