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Colgate Total® is the only toothpaste clinically proven to provide effective superior 12 hour protection against bacterial plaque for healthier teeth and gums.Works to prevent tooth cavities, tartar and plaque build-up, protect gums, fight bacteria, bad breath and stains and strengthens tooth enamel. The antibacterial system combined with fluoride helps shield teeth and gums by continuously reducing bacteria for up to 12 hours. Colgate Total® Toothpaste is ideal for an overall mouth clean. Also available in Total® Plus Whitening, Total® Advanced Fresh and Mint Stripe variants.

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I love it! It delivers what it claims! My mouth and teeth conditions have improved ever since I have started using this one..its been 4 plus years now. It keeps bad breath at bay..It has made my life easy as I don't have to worry about gingivitis and not rinsing my mouth after having sweets as I haven't had a single cavity after using it! Love the taste and scent and a little amount goes a long way. Look forward to use it twice a day:D



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Best Toothpaste

I have tried many different toothpastes including some different Colgate toothpastes but this one work's best, I always come back to it. The minty taste isn't too strong but its there and I love that. It does it's job well for a 12 hour protection and the packaging looks great too. Overall this product is defiantly always going to be on my shelves.

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A good clean

This toothpaste gives the teeth a great clean and a good all round clean. Suitable for all the family and gentle on teeth, it gives a clean mouth feeling that lasts all day, fresh breathe and helps keep your teeth smooth and tartar free.



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Family favourite

I have bought and used Colgate total for a long time, probably since it first came on the market. All the family used it and were happy with the taste, which was impressive with 3 teenagers in the house, I love the taste, feel it cleans well, and haven't had a filling since I started using it, can't recommend it better than that.



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Basic toothpaste

I received it as a free gift with the purchase of Colgate mouth wash. I like it provides 12 hours protection against bacterial plaque which is great. Suitable for those who dislike strong minty taste, but for me it is basically tasteless. The paste is thick and does not really foam. It does not really give me a very clean and polished feeling. Will not repurchase for I am not comfortable with using triclosan.
Overall a basic toothpaste with mild taste and does its job.



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Fangin' for it!

What they claim: "By using Colgate Total Original, you will get clinically proven, 12 hour protection against plaque bacteria. Colgate Total Original, with regular use, provides the following benefits: Prevents Cavities, Fights Gingivitis, Removes Plaque, Strengthens Enamel, Removes Stains, Prevents Tartar Build-Up, Freshens Breath."

My take: How could I not review this product. I have been using Colgate Total Original for years. Seriously, this has been a go-to in my bathroom for I don't know how long. Yes, I've tried other toothpastes, I've toyed with whitening products, I've thought about switching, however when you have found your tried and true product, you just know. This is it for me. The one thing you know you will have in your bathroom probably for the rest of your life, you will pass down to your children and they will pass on to theirs. It is a staple, like baby powder, soap, sugar, shampoo, conditioner. It's the stuff you are raised with. A basic hygiene product. It's minty, fresh, simple, and it does exactly what it says. It doesn't blow your top off with overly mintyness. It doesn't dry your mouth out. It consistently delivers, and for that, Colgate, I thank you.


Apply, brush, rinse mouth, rinse brush, put cap back on. Repurchase when tube is empty.

Ideal for

Everyone who wants to keep their original teeth!

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I have re-purchased this toothpaste many times

Colgate Total Toothpaste is one of my favourite toothpastes.

It has a pleasant minty taste, that is not overly strong. It foams well in your mouth and most importantly, the toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling clean and smooth and my breath smelling fresh.

I do mix this product up with a whitening toothpaste every so often, but for general cleaning, I think this product does a great job.



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Household staple.

This variant of Colgate toothpaste is the one our household continues to repurchase. It is a general purpose toothpaste that foams really well and has a nice slightly mint taste that is highly suitable for all ages. After use, my teeth feel clean and 'refreshed'. The tube lasts ages and frequently on sale which makes this product a winner.

Ideal for

Everyone, all ages.



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Pleasant Taste.

Colgate is the only brand I truly trust regarding my teeth. This toothpaste does not only just clean my teeth but helps to protect it from cavities, bacteria and other nasties.
It has a nice pleasant taste. It leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh.
I will continue to purchase.



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Good stuff!

This was recommended to me by my ortho and dentist. It has a great minty taste, but not too strong for the kids and it makes my mouth feel clean!

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