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Rapid Relief

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Sensodyne® Rapid Relief is a fast acting toothpaste that is clinically proven to provide instant and long lasting relief from sensitive teeth. Simply by massaging Sensodyne® Rapid Relief onto teeth for 60 seconds will create an instant physical seal against sensitivity.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Sensodyne® is a registered trade mark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.


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my only toothpaste

I was introduced to sensodyne by my mom, since she has sensitive teeth too.

among all the different types of sensodyne,i love this one the best. It is not overly minty-unlike others that sometimes make me cry, refreshing and doesnt foam up crazily like others.

It feels gentle for my teeth and i feel really refreshed and clean afterwards. I realise after using sensodyne for months now, my sensitive teeth are no longer sensitive and i can eat ice cream without cringing or feeling any pain at all.

Definitely very happy about this product and i wont stop using it and it's definitely very recommendable!

cat lover


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Best of an average bunch....

I've never had much luck with sensitive toothpaste (maybe my teeth are beyond help), but of all the pastes I've tried this would be my favourite. It cleans really well and leaves my mouth and teeth feeling fresh for ages and improves my sesitivity somewhat. I actually find it more affective if I use it week about with my regular toothpaste.



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I used this product after having my teeth whitened (via bleaching trays).
It is normal to have sensitive teeth after having your teeth bleached or whitened and my dentist recommended using this product along with a concentrated flouride. It really helped to relieve the pain from my the sensitive enamel on my teeth. Great product ! Dones the job!



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My Go-To Toothpaste

This toothpaste works very well for me as I tend to have teeth on the sensitive side I need to look after them regularly with a sensitive toothpaste and this is the best sensitive toothpaste I have tried (I've tried pretty much every sensitive toothpaste out there - you should see my bathroom vanity!).

It's a white toothpaste that looks like a normal simple white toothpaste but it tastes great and works the best out of all the sensitive teeth varieties. This is the main one I use on an everyday basis.

It's great to leave as a thick paste on my teeth and gums as an extra boost to de-sensitise my teeth too. I rinse off well afterwards. It gives my sensitive teeth and gums comfort and relief when I need it most.

I also love the other Sensodyne varieties but this particular one is my go-to toothpaste - my very fave!

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