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Macleans Advanced Toothpaste

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Macleans Advanced Toothpaste contains an enamel lock formula that works to lock in vital minerals and lock out plaque. Vital minerals such as fluoride are locked in to strengthen tooth enamel, while plaque acids such as everyday food is locked out. Advanced also provides the benefits of a fresh breath and healthy gums. Available in FreshMint and MildMint.

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Supermarkets, discount variety stores and pharmacies nationally

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Weird Flavour

This is the toothpaste we are currently using in MildMint as it was pretty much one of the cheapest we could find on a recent budget shopping trip. It has quite an acquired taste to it and I have found it to be only slightly minty which doesn't last in your mouth. The taste initially I though was more of a bubblegum-ish kind of flavour. More of what you'd expect a kids toothpaste to taste like. It's not bad, but it doesn't give you that fresh burst of mintyness like most other toothpastes do. Bargain price though and does the job.



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Fantastic toothpaste!

I love the 3 stripes in the macleans toothpaste! There is something about it that makes me feel like it's doing something extra. I love the way it leaves a fresh taste but without being over the top, no harsh taste! Definitely one of my favourite products!



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Freshmint Flavour, Triple Stripe Protection

Macleans Advanced Toothpaste in FreshMint 170g comes boxed.
The toothpaste is in an up down (lid base) squeeze tube with a twist and click on or take off lid.
Macleans Advanced is formulated with Enamelock, which helps lock out plaque acid and helps to lock in vital minerals.
The toothpaste gives triple protection with a red, white and blue stripe, red for health gums, white for strong teeth and blue for fresh breath.
Teeth should be brushed at least twice daily.
It produces a thick smooth white foam when brushing. The longer you brush the smoother the thick foam becomes.
The toothpaste has a nice minty flavour, it's very refreshing. It brings a balanced freshness to breath just after brushing.
I like the way it helps to clean teeth.
My teeth feel smooth when I run my tongue around them and my gum line looks clean and healthy.
The kids like the Macleans range of toothpaste, especially the triple stripe variety.

Made in England


Not for kids under 6.



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A bathroom staple

This product is a regular in my bathroom for many years. Macleans toothpaste is very effective, & what I really enjoy about this product is the lovely taste - Mildmint being a favourite.

It also doesn't leave a 'gluggy' taste in my mouth I find I can get from some toothpastes after using. My breath, mouth, teeth, all feel very fresh, healthy & clean.

Miss Dior


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Mildmint version

This is my fav ever toothpaste - leaves an extremely fresh taste behind without burning! This one is white, green and red which is fun and it has a practical removable screw top cap.



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I just bought this recently for our home because we needed a different toothpaste but it was a slightly lower price point on the shelves.
One thing I note is that the minty taste doesn't last as long in my mouth as other toothpastes.
Otherwise, its pretty good, and I would probably repurchase.

cat lover


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Love it, but have a slight allergy to the product:-(

I remember using Macleans toothpaste a couple of years ago, and couldn't remember why I stopped - after all, the products work really, really well, and many are made in Australia (unlike the Macleans competitor that outsources their manufacturing to Thailand or South Africa). Anyway, after using this toothpaste for a couple of days I found out why I stopped using it previously - it causes skin 'sloughing' - that is, the inside of my mouth effectively begins to peel, producting gross and unslightly stringy pieces of skin. I actually did a little research on this and found out that some oral hygine products containing certain ingredient can have this affect on some people. I must say, it's a great shame, because this toothpaste is otherwisw great, and far surpasses anything on offer from the competing brand.



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Perfect product

Everyone in my family uses this product. It has a great mint taste and the multiple colors of the paste don't hurt either :)
My teeth are left feeling plaque free and by breath is left feeling fresh.


Brush teeth at least twice a day.

Ideal for




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I love this toothpaste and the freshMint flavour. Also what actually caused me to buy this toothpaste is the colourfulness. Looks and tastes lovely and works just fine. I use it all the time! Tube after tube... :D



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Good for travelling

The mild mint flavour is great.


The small 90g size is great for travelling as it lasts a long time on longer trips but won't get confiscated going through customs!

Ideal for

The cap on this toothpaste doesn't get lost like those annoying small caps on toothpaste used to, and won't get clogged up because it's not a flip top. I don't know if you're paying more for the decent cap but I always top up when it's on special!

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