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Colgate Total® Advanced Clean Toothpaste

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Colgate Total® Advanced Clean is Colgate’s most advanced toothpaste designed to give teeth and gums a superior clean in between visits to your dentist. Featuring an advanced new cleaning silica system, it removes up to 98% of plaque build-up while providing 12 hours of anti-bacterial protection against plaque.

Brushing your teeth at home never seems to achieve the same feeling you have after a thorough cleaning and brushing at the dentist. Take the 3 second test now by running your tongue over your teeth and see how clean they feel.
After using new Colgate Total® Advanced Clean toothpaste, you’ll notice your teeth feel smooth and plaque-free after just one use. Take the 3 second test immediately after brushing and you’ll notice the difference straight away!

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it really works!

really cleans better than the normal colgate toothpastes! i must remember to get a new tube since mine is running out. it's a great product and i have yet to find a better clean for the same price.


deep cleaning



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have just been to the dentist for my half yearly clean and polish so am using Colgate Total to keep that "just cleaned" look and feel - would definitley recommend!!



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Great smooth clean! and extra white

I have been using this product for the last 4 months and have really noticed a difference! my teeth are whiter, and since i have recently removed my braces, have helped me clean more thoroughly between my retainers! however i am concerned that this effect may be short lived? does the whiteness mean that harmful abraisions are thinning my enamel? and the protective layer?



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The next best thing to a clean from the dentist

This is my favourite toothpaste because it gives my teeth the best protection at a reasonable price. I like its fresh taste and the way that it removes that furry feeling from my teeth. They feel polished after its use.



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Good stuff!

I have been using colgate total for years, feels good and not too minity



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Dentists Approve!!!

I was really excited when I received this toothpaste to trial, and have thoroughly enjoyed using Colgate's Advanced Clean for the past couple of weeks. I have been getting the whole family to trial this with me, for a family review. I must firstly say, I was really pleased from the first brush. My teeth felt lovely and clean, and the rest of the family agreed. over the weeks, we have noticed that our teeth are feeling extremely cleaned, polished and really white too. We also had our yearly dentist checkups in the middle of this trial, and when I asked them about the Advanced Clean, and told them how happy I am with the product, they totally agreed. The dentist was impressed with how everybody's teeth was looking so great. The only advice she gave me, was for the little one's must try not to swallow too much of the toothpaste, but aprt from that she gave me her full approval, so that made me feel really good. To add the Advanced Clean Toothpaste has a pleasant taste compaired to normal toothpaste. I am just so happy with this product, will definately be repurchasing again.



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A bit to gritty

Being a smoker toothpaste is important to me, im always buying new and different brands trying to keep my teeth white and free from yellow staining.
As soon as product hit the shelves i bought it straight away. The first thing i noticed was the deep clean feeling my teeth had and being a smoker as i said my breath felt alot fresher for longer. The product had a lovely taste to it very minty,but the only thing i didnt like was the grittiness after a while im scared it will scratch the enamel on my teeth.



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colgate advanced toothpaste

I think this prouct is great it makes your mouth feel really clean.



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great toothpaste

I love this, it definitely works and makes the teeth feel very smooth. The grittiness takes getting used to but I like it now.



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Very fresh

I like the very clean feeling I get after using this toothpaste. I drink a lot of coffee and found my teeth to be a little whiter with this toothpaste than if I just used my regular one, I switched to this about a month ago.

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