Colgate - Colgate 360˚ Whole Mouth Clean Toothbrush


Colgate 360˚ Whole Mouth Clean Toothbrush

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This toothbrush doesn't just clean the teeth, it cleans the entire mouth including the teeth, tongue, gums and cheeks. It has four innovative features: tapered inter-dental bristles to help reach deep down along the gum line, removing embedded plaque; textured tongue and cheek cleaner to remove odour-causing bacteria that can cause bas breath; polishing cups delicately help remove stains, leaving teeth cleaner and brighter and the raised cleaning tip improves access to hard-to-reach places like the back teeth. Clinical results show that the Colgate 360˚ Whole Mouth Clean removes up to 96 per cent more odour-causing bacteria and reduces more oral malodour.

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Always come back to this

This is such a good toothbrush that I always come back to it after trying out other kinds. There are two features that I think makes this product stand out from others. Firstly the shape that allows bristles to reach the back teeth and in between the teeth and gum line. Second is the tongue cleaner on the back. The ridges are deep enough to give a great tongue clean, but not too harsh to hurt.



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my favorite

Everything about this toothbrush is great.. the texture of bristles, the features such as tounge cleaner, colors available. It delivers a good clean every time and is not too hard and not too soft as I use the medium one.Due to the round shape of bristles I can work it on the surface of my teeth very easily and the handle is comfortable to hold too. It's an all rounder and my all time favourite. Tried switching to other brands/variants but always go back to this one as it clever design enables a thorough clean and I don't need to floss frequently due to this toothbrush.



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best toothbrush

I have been using this toothbrush for as long as I can remember. I have tried a couple of other brands but I always come back to this one. Absolutely love it. It is very comfortable to hold and gets to all the hard places in my mouth. Will keep repurchasing.

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Reaches everywhere

This toothbrush is great as it reaches places others do not. It feels very comfortable to hold and is easy to use. I like it as it reaches right up the back, and this is so very important.



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I always have spares!

This toothbrush is fantastic! I go away quite a lot so I like to have one of these toothbrushes in my toiletry bag and plenty under the sink, in case I leave it behind! This is the first toothbrush I've found that hugs my teeth and my gums when I'm brushing! The bristles are longer on the sides so it feels like I'm not only brushing my teeth but my gums too! The tongue cleaner on the back is definitely a plus in whole mouth cleaning!
Love the different colours of this toothbrush as well, definitely no chance of getting toothbrushes mixed up!

Ideal for

The whole family



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Favourite brush

I always buy these toothbrushes. They are my favourite, strong bristles that last a long time, even though I brush my teeth very firmly.



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Good Ol fav

This toothbrush would have to be one of my all time favs. I feel I don't get a proper clean unless I use this toothbrush. If for some reason I buy another brand on sale, I always come back to this one. It seems to fit perfectly and clean not only my teeth and gums, but the inside of my mouth and tongue as well.



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It's okay

It works as a toothbrush. However, the rubber edges or nooks and crannies of the brush handle can get 'dirt' or other things built up on it pretty easily. I find the rubber tongue and cheek cleaner to be more of a gimmick than functional. I would say buying a separate, sturdier tongue scraper is more worth it. It didn't do a very good job of cleaning my tongue. The 'polishing cups' didn't do much either, unless I put in much more effort to manoeuvre it around my teeth.



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Affordable and effective.

Having braces in my thirties means I am all about dental hygiene! This brush will get to all the hard to reach places and the tongue scraper allows you to keep your mouth extra clean!


Would prefer an extra soft version due to having braces.

Ideal for




Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Best Ive tried in a while.

I like the way this brush can reach my back teeth with ease. I use the 'medium' version and feel that the bristles clean my teeth and around my gums nicely without feeling too harsh. The cheek cleaner on the back of the brush is a nice texture and aids to the cleaning of my mouth. Nice comfortable ergonomic handle. Would purchase again.

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