Oral-B - Oral-B AdvancePower 950 TX


Oral-B AdvancePower 950 TX

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Oral-B AdvancePower 950 TX features a high speed oscillating system to gently remove even heavy plaque build-up and stains. The small, dentist recommended, brush head surrounds the tooth for a clean that is clinically proven to be better than with a manual toothbrush. The Two Minute Timer ensures professionally recommended brushing time. Available in four bright colours. Comes with hygienic brush head storage and two FlexiSoft brush heads.

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Great,great investment

Oral-B AdvancePower 950 TX is a great product. I am a dental nurse and i recommend this product to a lot of my patients.
Using this toothbrush will provide great brushing technique and most definitely improve oral hygiene.


Great tooth brush, should be paired with flossing to provide good oral hygiene.

Ideal for

Ideal for people who struggle with brushing technique. People who are at high risk of cavities, people who are susceptible to cavities.



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Brilliant oral hygiene from the moment I started using it

This is by far the best toothbrush I've ever used! It doesn't make my teeth sensitive and my mouth feels a lot cleaner than it used to when I was using my old manual toothbrush. The small brush head allows me to reach my back teeth easily, without making me gag. Great product!


Try it - ASAP.

Ideal for

Anyone who wants to improve the health of their teeth and gums



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This is a great toothbrush, so easy to use.
It's very powerful and effective, my teeth feel so much cleaner using this toothbrush compared to a manual one.
I loved the small brush head, because it could go into all the corners and tough spots.
The recharging was easy, I found each charge lasted quite a while. The pop up brush head storage at the back was so convenient and hygienic.
This really makes brushing teeth so easy and effortless!

Glamming it up


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expensive but worth it

while it was expensive it was definantly worth every cent, it makes my teeth feel super clean, and it doesnt irritate my gums like old toothbruses i had,



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makes brushing teeth fun!

I love this tooth brush. I got it for christmas. Its really powerful and my mouth feels so fresh afterwards.
The brush head is just the right size to clean every tooth really well.
The battery lasts a couple of days without charging which is really impressive. And i love the timer. Its good to know youre brushing your teeth long enough!!



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Good Toothbrush

Me and my husband are using this toothbrush for more than a year now and we completely love this. It makes brushing your teeth very easy and you know that you are doiing something good for your teeth.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Pretty and powerful

I have this one in pink and it's the best electric toothbrush I've had yet. Powerful and rechargable, easy to rinse clean.



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Hubby loves it

My husband brought this. I thought it was a lazy way of brushing your teeth, but it seems to do the job. Im thinking of getting one now.



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I have the pink version of this, and I have to admit I only bought this one because the colour, but it is great! I love the 2 minute indicator, it suprised me how long that feels like when your just standing around brushing your teeth- but hey atleast you know your doing it right now. It have crooked teeth and this brush is able to get into all the little hard to reach places so my teeth feel so much cleaner now too!

Delicious Girl


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Oral-B Advance Power

I have been using this from 6 months and I'm totally satisfied. Has good power, the head rotates fast enough to give throughly clean teeth. My mouth feels much cleaner than before. The brush 'head' is well designed, small and powerful, which makes it easy to reach inside of the mouth. I have not needed to change it till now. It can go a day without having to charge it, so ideal for a sleepover. Good quality, best results.

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