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Manicare Toothbrush Covers keep toothbrushes clean. Made to cover the bristle area to protect against germs, this cover is easy to clean and fits all toothbrushes. It is designed in a vertically mounted position that allows moisture to drip away. Available in blue, white and mint green.


Pack size:
3 Covers


Priceline, Myer, Target, K-Mart, Big W and leading pharmacies.

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Great Product

These are such a good idea. I mainly use mine when I travel to keep the toothbrush head clean and hygienic. I will repurchase these.



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Won't be without it!

Ever since hearing about the airborne germs that exist in the bathroom, I purchased these toothbrush covers and have not been without them since. I use them on our electric toothbrushes, however they will fit all traditional style brushes. Simple to use and to keep clean. Great for travelling also.



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Great option for keeping toothbrushes clean and hygenic. Also good for travelling to protect your toothbrush head. Made of strong plastic.

Temporary Pr...


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Travel staple!

I do love these little toothbrush covers! I first bought them about 5 years ago, and they are still going strong. The best part of this toothbrush cover is that it has a little suction cup that allows you to stick it to the wall so that it can dry upright while you're away on holidays.

This also keeps your toothbrush safe and not gross while you're travelling, with it crammed into your toiletries bag!

Arty Girl


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A nifty and essential item.

These toothbrush covers are a wonderful invention because of their function and size. They promote good hygiene while taking up the minimum of space by fitting neatly around the head of the toothbrush.
The pack size of three individual colours means that each member of my family is designated their own toothbrush cover thus eliminating any confusion. They also do away with the need for bulky toothbrush containers taking up space in the toilet bag or on the space around the sink in a hotel bathroom.

Ideal for

These toothbrush covers are ideal to use while travelling or camping; a "not to be forgotten" essential on a traveller's checklist.



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A new version of an old style

These are a must for everyone in the household especially a shared house. Different colours for each one of us. I remember having something like this when I was young. Great for holidays, the brush part is covered when travelling.


A must to buy

Ideal for

the older folk in nursing homes.



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Keeps My Brush Hygienic!

I cannot live without these! Ever since learning about all of the bacteria that lives in the air of your bathroom, I am never without one of these babies on my toothbrush! I love that I can easily stuck my brush up in handy reach on my bathroom mirror and it stays in place without falling down. Keeps the germs away and allows my brush to air dry safely. I also love these to use when travelling or on weekends away as I hate putting a wet toothbrush back into my toiletries bag.



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Suction Cap Can Keep Toothbrush Stuck Up Safely On Mirror!

The suction caps on the back of these are brilliant! When travelling they can stick my toothbrush up on the mirror in a dry and hygienic spot away from the sink and moisture. But I'm also tempted now to use them at home just because they're so practical! This is a buy that I'll never regret. The different colours in the pack make it easy for different members of the family to 'claim' their own.

Also when travelling it keeps a wet toothbrush head covered so the other toiletries don't get wet in the toiletry bag. I can't recommend these highly enough! ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ them!!



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Awesome thing ever!

Great little things, you place on the head of your toothbrush and it keeps all of the germs away from it



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Great toothbrush covers

I use these for when I am travelling. They take up so much less space then a toothbrush container. Keeps your toothbrush dry from moisture and free from germs.

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