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Colgate Max White Toothpaste

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Colgate Max White Toothpaste contains white strips that dissolve while brushing to release a burst of whitening power. It fights cavities and contains high-cleaning silica, which removes stains. It has a cool, minty flavour.

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fresh but hurt my teeth?

i bought this in desperation when looking for new toothpaste.

It is nice and minty and feel fresh aftermath. I really like it, But what is funny is that while using it, i always experience pain on both of my top back teeth,where the wisdom teeth are.

Other toothpastes never give me this problem, so i stopped using this unfortunately.

Hi VivaliciousChic, it's Colgate here. Thanks for your comments about Colgate Max White Toothpaste. We're pleased that you enjoyed the flavour and freshness of this paste, but sorry to hear about the sensitivity you experienced; this could be due to a number of factors. We'd like to get some more details from you so please contact us on 1800 802 307 or via our website at Thanks!

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nice and minty

This is a lovely toothpaste that leaves a lovely, fresh feeling in your mouth. My teeth were well cleaned, and definitely felt cleaner and looked brighter and whiter. Lasts a long time too. A great toothpaste and well priced.



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Fresh minty taste and clean feeling teeth

I trust Colgate to deliver on high standard products and this delivers. This paste foams well and gives me a fresh minty and clean feeling teeth.
I don't use any whitening paste on its own, because I find that if I keep using a whitening paste, I usually get some soreness in my mouth because the paste is too strong for me. So I used this paste only during the mornings and used a regular non whitening paste at night time.


Only a pea size is enough for brushing and that's enough to keep my mouth feeling fresh and my teeth with that just brushed clean feeling.

Ideal for

This is a great paste to try when you want to try a whitening paste. I suggest buying it on sale and see how it works for you.



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Favourite toothpaste!

I'm not exactly sure of its whitening powers as my family is constantly switching toothpastes so I can never use this one for long, but it is my favourite as it leaves my mouth feeling wonderfully clean & fresh & super minty



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Very minty but refreshing toothpaste

The toothpaste has a really strong minty smell and sensation which leaves teeth feeling really fresh and clean. I think my teeth did get a bit whiter from using this product but it was after months and months of using it. Sometimes my gums get a little sensitive and this toothpaste still works fine.



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Love it!

I love the look of this toothpaste and how pretty it is that I look forward to brushing my teeth with it! The taste is minty and strong which I love as I like the minty fresh taste in my mouth to last. I can notice a difference in the shade of my teeth straight away after brushing so it does do a good job at whitening! However the following day they seem to go back to their original shade. But overtime they have lightened them up a little bit I think. A toothpaste I will continue to purchase as it is also often on special at an even better price!



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This left a nice fresh taste after use. My teeth did feel clean but I didn't notice any whitening. A nice toothpaste, i like to swap and change my toothpaste and this one is a good one to do that with.

Samantha 337


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Good toothpast!

I have used soo many toothpasts lately because I am trying to find the right one for me. I am a smoker so my teeth do go yellow, this toothpast does help whiten them a little. You do not get paper white looking teeth but it does help.

I love the fact that your breath feels fresh all morning and it makes your mouth feel like it has totally been cleaned out by a dentist with the burt strips for a fresher feeling.

Does work very well.



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I like how this product leaves you with that strong minty fresh sensation. I have to admit it is strong for me - but I like my toothpaste to be like that!


Bad coffee breath

Ideal for

It would be great if colgate could look into doing a SLS free tooth paste



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Whitened and freshened!

Teeth became notably whiter but not as significant as you'd hope it to. I love the minty 'taste' of it, really makes you feel clean and fresh.

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