I know it seems a little silly, but the question, “who can smile with their mouth closed, like really smile?”,  raised by bh’s boss, Jackie, had us all thinking about our own grins.


“No, that’s more of a subtle smirk, Olivia! Not a smile!”, Jackie said as she made her away around the office, getting us to attempt a closed-mouth grin for her to critique. Okay, it seems my years of closed-mouthed smiles have actually been making me look as though I’m making fun of someone – great. Thanks boss. You see, Jackie thinks that to smile convincingly, you need to show teeth, and that closed-mouth grins just don’t do the job. A couple of us disagreed, and we became an office divided! 


So we grabbed a gallery of closed-mouth celebrity smiles for you to judge. Take a look and let us know which smiles seem kind of false and which are totally suitable for a happy face!


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So, what's the verdict? Closed or open smiles?