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Colgate Optic White is a revolutionary whitening toothpaste that features the whitening ingredient that dentists use* to deliver three shades whiter teeth after four weeks use. The patented concept behind Colgate Optic White has been 20 years in the making, and harnesses the powerful effects of hydrogen peroxide to go beyond surface stain removal to deeply whiten teeth.

Always read the label. Use only as directed

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*Gentle, lower strength 1% hydrogen peroxide formula for everyday use. Individual results may vary.


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Fresh flavour and whitened my teeth!

I really like using this toothpaste - I drink green and black tea everyday and have found that my teeth have become discoloured because of this. I like to take care of my teeth as I find yellow teeth really unattractive.

I have relatively sensitive teeth and luckily did not experience any discomfort. The toothpaste is slightly grainy, so that the granules feel like they are 'scratching' your teeth and cleaning off the 'colour'. The flavour of the toothpaste was also very pleasant.

I have not tried other whitening products, such as toothpastes or whitening strips, but I noticed a whitening of my teeth over time and really enjoyed the fresh feeling after brushing. I will definitely repurchase.



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Great toothpaste

I was lucky enough to try out this product as part of the trial team for beautyheaven.
I was excited to trial this product after seeing that it claimed to give whiter teeth in just one week. I have had my teeth professionally whitened but they were starting to show some stains from coffee and tea drinking.
The product itself comes in an red squeeze tube that sits flat on its lid and allows easy dispensing of the product. It is a thicker toothpaste with a fresh, minty taste and a great foamy clean feeling in the mouth. Unlike some other whitening toothpastes, I did not find this toothpaste gave me any sensitivity or pain.

Overall I have noticed some brightening and whitening to my teeth over the three weeks I have been trialing this product and hence would recommend.



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a great whitening toothpaste!

I received this product from bh to review and good thing too, as I'ved tried my fair share of at home whitening products and have never found them to deliver. This product on the otherhand does whiten! First up, the packaging is sturdy and easy to use. The tube isnt as hard as other toothpastes tubes. The taste is a subtle minty flavour which really suits me as I find some toothpastes overpowering and stings but this has a fresh flavour without the sting.

This toothpaste claims to whiten teeth in 3 days which I was skeptical about and unfortunately it didn't deliver. However, right off the bat I found this to be a great toothpaste and much preferred this over my usual toothpaste. It kept my teeth feeling clean throughout the day which I really liked. I kept using the toothpaste and found that my teeth were noticeably whiter after a week and continues to whiten. Very impressed! Also, I didn't experience any sensitivity as has been the case with at home whitening products I've used in the past. Bonus!



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White Teeth in 3 weeks!

This trial came right in time for me as I was a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding in a couple of weeks’ time. I decided that both my partner and I should use this and I was impressed with the results. My partner is a smoker and a big coffee drinker so his teeth were a lot more coloured and stained than mine to start with. We used it together morning and night and the difference was pretty impressive. We took before and after photos and you can notice a significant difference of colour. Our teeth were a lot whiter after using this product after 3 weeks. The stand-up red tube makes me easy to leave on the bathroom counter to remind you to brush your teeth. To be honest I didn’t notice whiter teeth in 3 days, but within the first week there was a noticeable different that I was really impressed with. The toothpaste has a pleasant taste, nothing too fresh or minty; it seems to foam up more than regular Colgate toothpastes. A little bit goes a long way. It is an easy and effective way to get white teeth. Don’t expect overnight results, but overtime you get great results. For $10 it is a great investment to keep your teeth white. The tube has a lot of product and you don’t need a lot for great results. We will continue to use this toothpaste to maintain whiter teeth.


Use morning and night for 3 weeks to see the best results!

Ideal for

People who want to maintain sparkly white smiles.



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Fresh and nice

It's a nice big tube for the price you pay so must Say good value for money ! I started using it as soon as I got it in my mail , I was really excited to see nice white teeth in 3 days but I cannt see that difference so I gave my husband to try it and I was amazed to see results I can actually see his teeth whitened in few days so it gets a tick from me for whitening teeth plus I love the feeling it leaves after brushing into my mouth it feels fresh and cool so I must say not just me but my husband really enjoy this trial and brushing teeth every single time with this Colgate optic white toothpaste !! We also do like its click open lid than that twist open lids as its easy to open and close !Thx colgate !!


use it twice a day to see the results it claims

Ideal for




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Trial Team

I received this whitening toothpaste to trial as part of the trial team. I am always looking for ways to whiten my teeth without a super expensive trip to the dentist - so this fit the bill.

I have noticed a whitening of my teeth over the past 2 weeks. The whitening effect is not drastic, but it is noticeable. It definitely removes light stains and goes on to give an overall brightening effect. Very nice!

The consistency seemed similar to my usual toothpaste and it was easy to use. It had an unusual taste but that is to be expected as it has hydrogen peroxide. However, the taste was fine and totally usable. I didn't have any sensitivity to this toothpaste and was able to use it with no adverse effects.

This is a good toothpaste to brighten your smile if you are happy with gentle effects. Great value for money- at $7.99 everyone can try it. This will become a staple in many dental regimes. I would purchase again.



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Cleaner, brighter, whiter!

I honestly didn't think that I could get whiter teeth from a toothpaste. Almost two years ago, I went gone through my dentist and paid around $300 to get my teeth professionally whitened. Admittedly the results were probably a lot more faster than what I got with this toothpaste, but the results seem to be quite similar. I’ve been using this toothpaste for almost 3 weeks straight now and I’ve noticed a huge difference. My teeth are looking cleaner and the yellow-ish tinge, from a little too much coffee, has faded immensely.

I have quite sensitive teeth but I didn't find that this toothpaste enhanced that sensitivity, though there is labelling on the package that suggests it is a side effect. I would recommend this toothpaste to those who don’t want to spend big on getting whiter teeth, who also have a little more patience. It isn’t a very long time to wait to be able to see a difference. I loved that it was something I didn’t have to do on top of my already jam-packed beauty routine. I just brush my teeth!



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Travelling friendly - Whitening on the Go!

Upon testing this product, I was little hesitant that it was some ordinary toothpaste in the market. Once received, it was straight to the bathroom and ready to test this awesome product.

My teeth was whiter as ever, a better appearance to what it used to look like before. It also cleans so well, that it felt smooth and shiny the next day... now i'm positive it is the toothpaste taking into effect!

I am a big tea and coffee drinker, five days a week. On a weekly basis, my teeth are constantly stained by effects of tea and coffee and this was not a good look for me! I used this product for three days already and I can definitely notice the stains slowly fading...this makes me feel wonderful and with better confidence to smile! It made my teeth feel super clean the next day and I could not resist feeling my clean teeth!

Using the product was quite easy and it was you would regularly brush your teeth, just squeeze a fair amount on your toothbrush and brush away, remembering of course not to swallow the product but rinse thoroughly with water.

It came in a shiny informative red cardboard box, and for a whitening toothpaste packaging it definitely caught my eye. It would also be easy to find in the supermarket with its cute small packaging. The size itself is smaller than average toothpastes but it's amazing as you can carry this everywhere with you, even in your purse without worrying about how heavy it will be in your purse! Its small and convenient and will not take up much space in your bathroom too, so this product is ideal for those not wanting to use up alot of space with so many products. The flip open and close cap is super convenient as well as it's not messy and it's a simple open and flip to open and close the product. This made to suit those on the go and with ease - makes it much better for us to clean and brush our teeth!

There was a strong smell but it was not unbearable. Seeing that it's a whitening toothpaste with many ingredients needed to whiten your teeth, it was okay to use the product on my gums as they were not sensitive anyway.

Long term wise within using this toothpaste, I can definitely not worry about paying so much visiting the dentist next time. I can simply use this toothpaste and get results within three days!

Overall I'd give this magnificent product a 4/5! They could work on the cardboard box packaging, but that's alright because the product is most important here.


Rinse thoroughly upon brushing the paste onto teeth and scrubbing gently.

Ideal for

Those with stained teeth and bad breath, but also for those needing so TLC with their teeth within 3 days!



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Fresh and different

What they claim: With regular use, this revolutionary whitening toothpaste containing the whitening ingredient that dentists use*: Goes beyond surface stain removal to deeply whiten teeth. Removes stains ordinary toothpastes don't. Whitens teeth by 3 shades†. Plus, its special enamel safe formula provides all of the benefits of standard fluoride toothpaste for daily use.

Immediate thoughts on viewing the product: I really appreciate the bright pop of red with this freshly branded product. Even better, the fact you can stand this tube up on it's own and it doesn't take up a ridiculous amount of counter space. It's a bright, cheerful product visually, the product internally (should technically) has the capacity to work itself down the tube via gravity and if you don't have a bathroom cup holder, you don't need it with this baby. What I found confronting is the price point, however I did want to give this baby a go, particularly as I had tried the pen.

My thoughts on application: I really don't think this stuff is like your typical toothpaste. The consistency is thinner. Much thinner. It runs right into the bristles of your brush so be prepared, Girl and Boy Scouts! The other point to be mindful of is it does not foam the way other toothpastes generally do. On that point, I don't mind. This toothpaste has an extremely refreshing mint taste to it, and I really appreciate the texture, where it has a slight grainy feel to it without feeling too abrasive. It is particularly refreshing without leaving a burning feeling in my mouth. As for it's ability to whiten; I am of two minds. I feel this is a good maintenance program product for those who have had their teeth professionally whitened. I did not see any discernible improvement in the overall coloration of my teeth (i.e. it did not lighten by three shades in the month of consistent use and I was watching twice a day, every day for more than four weeks), however I did note a more even consistency in the colour of my teeth. Please note my teeth have been professionally whitened approximately six months ago.


Be mindful of the slight abrasive nature of this 'paste', the slightly runny consistency and its tendency towards less foam.

Ideal for

Those who want a product for post-professional whitening maintenance that you can buy over the counter rather than via your dentist.



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Mouth Skin Peeling..?

Every time I used this toothpaste i wake up the next morning and all the skin in my mouth is majorly. It's kind of disgusting. I also didn't see any whitening results (although with my kind of teeth results are hard to see) to me its seems like regular toothpaste with a side effect of intense skin peeling! RESPONSE FROM COLGATE: Hi Lil99, it’s Colgate here. We saw your comments about Colgate Optic White and are sorry to hear that you didn't find our product to work for you. As the oral exfoliation you mention could be due to a number of factors, we'd like to get some further details from you and perhaps help to identify a Colgate Toothpaste which better suits your needs. Please contact us on 1800 802 307 or via our website at so we can talk. Thanks!

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