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Colgate MaxWhite ONE contains white accelerators, which help make your teeth white in just one week. The advanced formula works to remove stains and whiten teeth.
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Your teeth go as bright as white

I used Colgate Max White ONE and saw instant results after I rinsed I have been trying and trying whitening toothpaste to the next none of them worked but when I found Colgate Max White ONE is was victory my teeth are as white as angels now.



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not whiter, but nice

Used this over a couple of months and can't say i noticed much change in the color of my teeth. It's a nice fresh toothpaste but if you're looking for a whiter smile i'd continue to look around. Also having to brush teeth 3x a day can be a little inconvenient.



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clean fresh pearly whites

I really like this toothpaste. It has a great clean and fresh taste without that burning feeling. I have professionally whitened teeth but this toothpaste gives my teeth a lift when I feel they are fading a little. I think it's great.



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My smile is whiter and brighter

I bought this after seeing ads on tv, just had to see if it really did what it said it would do. Loved the tube it came in, no more having to squeeze the last reminants out of it. The taste was just right, not too strong but enough for some flavour. I noticed that my teeth were whiter in about 2 weeks of using this. It definately took care of the coffee stains and continued working on making my teeth look whiter. I really liked this toothpaste and have recommended it to everyone I know.



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Totally Works

I have been using Colgate MaxWhite ONE toothpaste for three days and my teeth are so much whiter already. My teeth were not particularly discoloured to begin with but I have already noticed a difference. It's fabulous at removing plaque and makes your teeth feel super smooth and clean. I'm really impressed!


Brush with Colgate MaxWhite ONE for two minutes morning and night. Be sure to smile!

Ideal for

Easy peasy at home teeth whitening on the cheap :)



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I can say it worked for me!!

My teeth feel very fresh, much brighter and it seems to help keep my mouth fresher for longer, and it doesnt have that horrible burn some of them do..

Ideal for

Sensitive mouths.



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Did not Work

I was really disappointed in this product since i had high hopes for it because i'm a loyal customer for Colgate. I've been using this product for a month now and it only went a shade lighter, not white. I brush my teeth like 6 times a day so i definitely know when a whitening toothpaste isn't working. However in saying that, it does give your teeth a good clean and freshening, and i like the taste.



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Another great product from Colgate:)

I have been using this product for 8 days now and can definately say my teeth have gotten whiter.Not dazzling white but I cant expect miracles in 8 days from a $5.99 toothpaste.
I will definately be making this my regular toothpaste and at this price you definately cant complain.I love it!



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It worked!

I've been using this for about a month now and it works! I love it and I love the taste!



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Pretty good

I started using it about a month ago and I've seen a significant improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. You have to use it for about two weeks before seeing ay improvement, but I was happy with this and I'll definately continue using it until something better comes out!


Brush twice a day, once in the morning and once at night/before going to bed.

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