Rapid White Tooth Whitening - Blue Light Tooth Whitening System

Rapid White Tooth Whitening

Blue Light Tooth Whitening System

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Rapid White Tooth Whitening Blue Light Tooth Whitening System is the first at home tooth whitening kit with light activated gel technology. Helps to achieve whiter, brighter teeth without peroxide to encourage the whitening process to further remove stains. Formula acts in two steps with a dual action whitening technology that whitens teeth shades lighter. Clinically proven. 9v battery included.

To use, shine the light onto treated teeth for just four minutes twice a day.


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Glam fairy


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White teeth

Rapid White Tooth Whitening Blue Light Tooth Whitening System is a 3 step system that is suppose to help whiten your teeth up to 5 shades whiter in just 2 weeks. Step one is the accelerator that comes in a small tube with a soft pad applicator, you apply this by gently pressing it on each tooth, you then follow on with step 2 which is the whiting gel which you apply to your teeth with a small nail polish like brush, making sure spread it evenly over all your teeth. Step 3 is the blue light which you turn on and place in your mouth, you then wait 4 minutes and then the process is complete. Rapid White also include a bottle of mouth wash for you to use after you have done this 3 step process. It is recommended you continue with these 3 steps every day for 2 weeks for the best results.

I found that the application process was very quick and easy as it only takes 4 minutes which is great for super busy people who want lovely white teeth. I also found this product was quite effective and it did really work on making my teeth look whiter. I only used this product for about 9 days as I found I was getting really bad migraine headaches everyday after using it so I did discontinue further use, but in saying that my teeth were about 2-3 shades lighter than before. I love that rapid White also provide you with a tooth colour chart to help you monitor your progress. Overall this is a good product that really does work but it is unfortunate that I could not continue to use it.



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Don't waste your money

I bought this product back in April, I was so excited to buy it, everything caught my attention about it, from the packaging to what the product promised to do. When I first tried it for the first couple of days, it didn't make a difference to my teeth what so ever, so i figured I'd continue using it for the rest of the month, it's now May and my teeth are still the same shade they've always been even though this product promised to make my teeth a few shades lighter, I'm so disappointed that I wasted my money, his product is definetly nothing special.

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