Rapid White Tooth Whitening - 1 Week Tooth Whitening System

Rapid White Tooth Whitening

1 Week Tooth Whitening System

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Rapid White Tooth Whitening 1 Week Tooth Whitening System is a gentle treatment that whitens teeth up to four shades lighter during the seven day period. Helping to achieve whiter, brighter, younger looking teeth without the use of peroxide, the clinically proven formula acts as a two-step system with dual action whitening technology, which works to prevent stains reoccurring while controlling tartar.


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Easy to use, slow results. Expensive.

Whilst the product is easy to use, it does provide quite slow results. I do like how it doesn't eat away at the inside of your lips and gums like other whitening toothpastes and treatments. Bought from priceline for $40, so I think I may have been better using the guards with whitening toothpaste instead.



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Britghter and Whiter work wonders

I have never really believed in products like these, but one day thought i would give it a go, well what great success that was i found my teeth to be whiter and brighter within day of using the treatment, i found the best part of this product was how easy it was to used, it’s a fantastic product if your wanting you teeth a few shades brighter and whiter, this product is an all-round win !!

Ideal for

Any one wanting there teeth to shine and stand out !!



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Not instant results

When i first tried this product I found that my teeth were noticeable whiter. I think tried it 6 months later as my teeth just needed a little extra boost, and nothing seemed to change the second time around. It is a very easy product to use yet would try something new next time.


Be careful may leave white dots on your teeth.

Ideal for

Anyone who wants subtle but whiter teeth



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Very slow results

I'm a heavy coffee drinker and started off with fairly yellow teeth. The whitener does work, but I would have prefered if the results where less subtle and faster, after 3 weeks of use I probably only went 1 shade lighter if that even.



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its sitting in my draw, i have always been skeptical, but these reviews have made me feel a tad more keen



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Great as a whitening pick me up

I used this twice a day for seven days and definitely noticed my teeth were whiter & brighter afterwards. The kit contains two mouthguards which you drop into boiling water and then mould exactly to your teeth. You first apply the gel to the trays and then an accelerator directly to your teeth and wear the gurards for 5-10 minutes twice a day. The kit also includes a whitening toothpaste to use afterwards. I saw a subtle whitening and brightening effect after seven days.

Ideal for

This system, which does as it claims and whitens teeth up to four shades, is great for those who have pretty white or off white teeth - I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who has really yellow or discolored teeth - it simply wouldn't whiten them enough for you.



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Brighter and Whiter

I have never used a home whitening kit before so I was a bit concerned that this would be a fiddly, time consuming activity. I was however proved wrong. Once you got the hang of it, it was very easy to use and I would leave it in whilst watching tv at night and whilst doing the kids school lunches in the morning. Easy peasy. After a week of day and night use my teeth look much brighter and definitely whiter. And it is much cheaper than going to the dentist for teeth whitening. An all round win really!

bh's Olivia ...


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Bright chompers!

I used the one-week tooth whitening system and definitely experienced noticeable results. My teeth are fairly white anyway, I really just wanted them to be brighter and stand out a little more, which i think was achieved. I noticed a 1-2 shade difference after using this for just a week. The best part? It's so easy to use!

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