With the weather to-ing and fro-ing between winter and spring, it’s not surprising that so many people have been sneezing and spluttering all over the place. 


But fear not beauties, that common cold is not inevitable and you can see out the rest of spring sniffle free. Rejoice!


Here are some hard-working cold and flu-fighters that you’ll want to get your healthy little hands on:

Olive Leaf Extract in Mixed Berry – this multi-use health food supplement will not only help your body fight off a cold, but it’ll also help you maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, help relieve fevers, and has powerful antioxidants.  Plus, the mixed berry flavour won’t make taking it a chore. Definitely one for the medicine cabinet.


Pretorius Vitamin C – vitamin C has a pretty good rep for fighting off colds and boosting your immune system. And if you’ve already caught that pesky cold, Pretorius Vitamin C can help reduce the severity of the symptoms and cut down your recovery time. 


Nature’s Own Echinacea Complex – what do you get when you combine vitamin C, mineral zinc, echinacea, and garlic? Only one super pill that’ll boost your immune function and provide relief from runny noses, congestion, allergies, and colds. And you can be sure that cold will be outta your life quicker than you can blow your nose.



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What vitamins or supplements do you take to help fight off a cold?