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Metamucil Natural Granular

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Metamucil is made from 100% natural psyllium fibre, and when taken daily helps to improve your inner health in 5 ways: Cleanses your insides, assists your body's natural toxin removal process, makes you feel lighter, makes you feel more active, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Active Ingredients: Each 7g dose contains 3.4g Psyllium husk powder

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.


$13.99 / $19.99

Pack size:
48 Doses (336g) / 72 Doses (504g)


Selected ranges available at supermarkets and pharmacies nationally.

Consumer Hotline:

1800 028 280

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Give u fibre if you don't eat enough fruits & veggies

I taken this during my pregnancy because of pregnancy hormones and the extra iron tablet which made me constipated. My OB prescribed that this is good, it aid as stool softener.
I took the original, which is pretty good. I had easy bowel that time throughout my pregnancy, and still continue taking it after my second baby was born.


If it is difficult to get the spoon to scope out the bottom husk, I bought a long handle spoon from Daiso, which only cost $2.80!
The secret it is that don't use warm to hot water when prepare the fibre, it made the fibre swell up like gel! I usually use cold, room temperature water to prepare the drink. I had tried the orange flavour one. I am going to review it in the orange flavour product.

Ideal for

Hard stool, constipation, stitches after birth.



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Okay, but could be better

Product does what it says, although can be slightly grainy/sandy to drink. Can be difficult to get a spoon down to the bottom of the container though!



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Excellent for softer stool specially have stitched after giving birth.

I had this for the first 2-3 months, it is excellent for stool softening specially you have stitches after natural birth.
Now I will had it for every 2 days for better binding of stools. I had read the fine description at the back apparently there is not side effects when taking it long term, or regularly.


Mix it with cool or cold water. Warm water tend to make the husk swollen and make it like gel to swallow.

Ideal for

Constipated, not enough fibre intake.



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Metamucil, if only it was easier to swallow!

Looking for tips to help take it more 'regularly',,,pardon the pun!

Ideal for

Have only just bought his product again, last time was after being pregnant. Thought I'd try the Lemon Lime flavour hoping it would be better and nicer tasting but am still struggling! Is there a better way? Can you mix it with lemonde intead of water? It is so thick and grainy and flavourless that you just have to get it down s quick as you can!

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