Le Tan - Coconut Sunscreen Oil SPF30+

Le Tan

Coconut Sunscreen Oil SPF30+

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Le Tan Coconut Sunscreen Oil SPF30+ allows your skin to achieve a natural glow with this coconut fragranced protective tanning oil. The formulation protects, hydrates and nourishes skin to help prevent peeling and dryness.

Active Ingredients: Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor, Propyl Hydroxybenzoates, Octocrylene

Avoid contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use. Do not expose babies less than 6 months old to the sun. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Wear protective clothing, hats & eyewear when exposed to the sun. Store below 30C.


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Must have summer product!

Every Summer and Autumn I absolutely must have this product in my beach bag!
It offers great SPF coverage, smells amazing and makes my skin feeling so much smoother without that strong, sticky feeling that a lot of other sunscreen oils leave.
It also works great for those who are hoping to get a tan, without the risks. With application every couple of hours, you can get the perfect tan while also staying protected from the sun.
This is one of my favorite sunscreen oils from one of my favorite brands; great coverage from the sun, perfect for an gorgeous tan and budget friendly with the big bonus of heaps of moisturizing components!



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This product is to die for, i recently purchased some from priceline and it was great. I love the fact that it works as a tanning oil and as a sunscreen- protecting you from the sun rays, i recommend this product to any one who wants a glowing and natural tan as well as a soothing application.



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Best New Sunscreen

I was lucky enough to win a Le Tan pack last year (thanks BH) and in it was this amazing product. I love the beach and try to go as much as I can, but in the past what I always dreaded was the burn I would get somewhere no matter what and how much sun cream I applied! Now this problem is over. I started using Le Tan coconut oil all last summer and did not get a burn once. I love the smell. It smells so coco-nutty! It comes out as a clear oil and you apply as a normal sunscreen only what you will see is a light shimmery shine over your whole body. You will look like you have been air brushed! I love how good my legs can look with this product. Also what I like is this sunscreen lasts up to 4 hours and is water resistant! A must these days! You will not olny be protected by the sun but you will also develop a light sun kissed look from the oil! The only thing I do not like about this product is it takes a bit of washing to get the oily feel off my hands. Besides that I am in love!


This sunscreen is ideal for people who hate rubbing in thick sunscreen. This sunscreen is so easy to apply and is clear! but is more effective than a thick sunscreen! You will love this if you want that natural looking glow/sheen on your skin as well as being protected from the sun! Nice shimmery glow-here we come!

Ideal for

I love this product and will be using it again next summer!!



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Great sun protection

I have used le tan coconut oils for years but as I get older I am becoming more concerned with protecting my skin so this product is perfect! It smells divine and absorbs quickly so I don't feel greasy and doesn't leave me looking white the way some SPF30 products can.



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Perfect sunscreen Oil

Having used Le Tan for many, many years now, it is my one and only sunscreen that I always use. Don't be put off thinking hmmmm oil....and relate it to baby oil. The oil is light and blends easily into your skin.

The first thing you notice when opening is the beautiful fragrance of coconut, which is to die for. I just love the coconut smell and it lingers with you all day. I suffer such dry skin especially on my legs but after applying this sunscreen, I get this fabulous natural glow that keeps working during the day.

It has a high SPF30+ and for someone that burns easily on my legs, I do not have this problem with Le Tan. After a day out in the sun, my skin feels fabulous and no redness of sunburn and certainly stops any peeling from forming.

For me it IS the best sunscreen product and I am perfectly happy with the outcome after sunbaking or out doing activities in the sun.



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devine sunscreen

all i can say is OMG! i hate sunscreen, it smells bad and feels gross but this stuff is amazing the coconut smell is to die for!! the coverage is also fantastic, i havnt been burnt since switching to this. i will quite happily pay the few extra dollars for this product, although it still is very affordable anyway! the bottle is great to you can squeeze out a good amount. sunscreen normally drys out my skin but this stuff does not, its great



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A little on the fancy side

I'm generally not one of those people who wear sunscreen; bad, I know but I claim the fact I rarely go out in the sun to be the main reason. I smelt this in Priceline at the start of summer and couldn't resist something that smelt so heavenly.

The product is basically an oil without the colour or the yucky residue most oils leave behind. When you massage it into your legs, it leaves a sheen exactly like a sunscreen, the only difference is that it happens to smell of deliciousness! The packaging isn't that safe, I feel like it would run out if I wasn't careful with it, in my bag. But I guess the beach is a messy place anyway, so the worst is that it gets all over your towel.

This product has a SPF30+ coverage which is great for all those tanning addicts out there. When I was younger, I probably would have appreciated the tanning appeal to the product but now I apply the product as more of a moisturiser/sunscreen (and it gives my legs that little bit of a shine without looking like I've rubbed baby oil over myself!). I'm seriously addicted to the smell of this product, so even though I don't use this product for it's proper purpose, it still does a great job as a moisturiser.

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