Olay - Olay Total Effects Day Cream Normal SPF 15


Olay Total Effects Day Cream Normal SPF 15

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Olay Total Effects Moisturiser is a daily facial moisturiser that provides seven anti-ageing benefits in one product, while helping protect the face against sun damage with SPF15. The Total Effects range fights the seven signs of ageing by helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothing and nourishing dry skin, balancing colour and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots, smoothing the skin’s texture with gentle exfoliation, minimising the appearance of pores, protecting the skin’s surface from free radical damage with antioxidants, and firming the complexion. Dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic. To apply, smooth on clean face and neck. Gentle enough for everyday use, and designed to replace moisturiser and specialty skin care products.


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Smooth skin

I used olay total effects an year back. It worked well... Made my skin smooth and soft, had minimal breakouts. ... However I can't say much about anti-aging claims. I'm inclined to try it again as my current moisturiser isn't doing its job.


Works even better with olay night cream.

Ideal for

Making skin soft



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Skin feels good but I'm not sure if it does enough..

This does leave my skin feeling smooth. I've been using it for about a year now and would say it is the best moisturiser I've used so far, which is why I go back to it.

The tub is easy to use, you press the top down to squeeze the product out which is hygienic.

While it provided moisture for my cheeks I find the areas of my skin which are prone to dryness ie. my forehead, around the nose and mouth are still affected. Not as bad as they used to be but probably not as good as they could be.

I am also weary about the suncare. I'm not sure how long it lasts as a sunscreen. I still use an everyday face sunscreen with it.

Ideal for

Normal skin, probably not the best for dryness and lines.



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I'm not sure how much this does to stop the signs of ageing, but I love this as a moisturiser none the less. Pump bottle is the best making sure you don't squeeze out too much product and waste it. Makes my skin feel smooth and love the SPF!



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My swear by cream!!!

this is the best moisturiser have every used I have been using it for around 2 years now and the way my face feels is wonderful tight and hydrated. I have tried a few in this time just to see if I could feel the difference and I really could as soon as used Olay again I felt the tightness and relief as the other creams just didn't hydrate enough..


Use twice a day and is great underneath makeup..

Ideal for

Around the eye area and also the chin and neck areas too.



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Good cream

This product is a nice moisturizer. As for wrinkles, I can't really say if its had any effect or not. Not sure if I would buy it again, though



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Best day moisturiser...tried & tested!

After my disastrous encounter with Total Effects (with a Touch of Foundation), I decided the Total Effects Normal Skin is my favourite out of all the variations of the Olay Total Effects range. I have combination skin which is sometimes rather uncontrollable, very dry in parts, and very oily in other parts. However, after having tried an endless range of day moisturisers with SPF, I find that Olay Total Effects and Aveeno are so far the only two SPF moisturisers which do not make my skin overly oily! And I love how Olay proposes this fights the 7 signs of aging which is definitely an added-on bonus!


Mix it with a small amount of Loreal BB or any other BB cream for that natural look!

Ideal for

Combination skin



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Great Everyday Moisturiser!

I've been using Olay products for years now and they've never failed to impress me! This moisturiser has a subtle scent which doesn't linger for too long, and a medium consistency that is easily blended out.

It's comfortable enough to wear all year round, and the added UV protection is a bonus. I would still recommend wearing sunscreen if you are going into direct sunlight because the coverage in the moisturiser may not be enough.

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a simple everyday moisturiser!

cat lover


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Thank you for changing the formula Olay!

I am someone who has tremendous trouble finding anti-aging products that are compatible with my skin due to the fact that I react badly to silicones.

I was therefore delighted recently when I had a look at the ingredients list on the 'new and improved' version of Total Effects SPF15 and found that the product no longer contained dimethicone (an ingredient sure to break me out).

I am SO glad that I re-visited this product because my skin just loves it now. I haven't suffered any break-outs this time around and my complexion is beginning to even in tone due to the high level of vit B3 in the cream.

The texture of the cream is light and the fragrance is pleasant and non-obtrusive. I am also very impressed to see that it also has a high level of UVA protection, which is most important to someone like me who suffers from melasma.

Thank you so much for improving the formula of this product Olay. I would love to find a night cream in your range so I would urge you to please reduce/remove the silicone in more of your otherwise wonderful products.



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I got burnt!!

I found the moisturiser was really good with no greasy residue on my skin, but I got sun burnt on my face, through the window of the bus after i briefly had the curtain open!


use with other olay products

Ideal for

a good moisturiser, not very good sun protection though



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Pretty good

I used this for ages - its a nice product, works well. I like that it seems so velvety on the skin. I'm not sure it really addresses aging as much as the hype would suggest.

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