Neutrogena - Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Lotion SPF 50+


Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Lotion SPF 50+

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen contains patented helioplex technology which provides photostable, durable protection from UVA and UVB rays - the highest possible protection from the Australian climate. The lightweight, clean formula features dry-touch technology and absorbs rapidly into the skin, leaving it powder-soft. Micronised silica powder absorbs excess sunscreen oils to avoid clogged pores. Dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.

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dries out my skin

I haven't had much luck with sunscreen, they have made my face very greasy. With the raving reviews for the Ultra Sheer. I switched from the Sun sense SPF50+.
Pros: Defiantly dries up quickly on the skin, leaving the skin nice and soft.
Cons: Halfway through the day I find that my face is really dry and I'm left with a white overcast, flaky pale skin. I've also started breaking out since I've used it.
I will give it another go in Summer when I'm sweating more, and see if it controls the shine. BRAND RESPONSE: You may be assured that Neutrogena values the comments you have made regarding products in our range, especially as such feedback provides us with an opportunity to better understand what consumers think about our products.



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Decent but not great

The name 'ultra sheer' is... a bit of a lie! It definitely leaves a white cast. It takes a lot of thin applications and patience to make it go on clear. The finish isn't matte (it's a bit sticky and thick) but not the worst - can definitely still apply primer and foundation to make this doable. Sun protection wise it's great and I haven't been the slightest bit sun burnt with this. Fairly water/sweat proof. Will say that it irritates my skin if I have just waxed or exfoliated *but* I do have sensitive skin so will only be an issue to a few. BRAND RESPONSE: You may be assured that Neutrogena values the comments you have made regarding products in our range, especially as such feedback provides us with an opportunity to better understand what consumers think about our products. We would appreciate your telephoning our Consumer Care Centre during Sydney business hours on 1800 029 979, so we can personally respond to you.


Lots of thin applications to make it go on smooth rather than gluggy with a white cast.

Ideal for

People who don't have sensitive skin who want great sun protection.



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Surprisingly thick, but natural looking on the skin

I thought I'd give this a try as I've heard some good things from others about it, and I've only had good experiences so far.

The sunscreen is a surprisingly thick consistency, a bit hard to rub in that way but the technique I use is that I dot a splodge on the main parts of my face and pat it around for coverage on my face. When applying it on my body I just draw a line and rub in as usual.

I like to use the cream for both face and body and it doesn't break me out at all. I've found it is very natural looking and light on the skin, which is why I use it on my face, doesn't leave you greasy looking at all.

I've used this day to day as well as on the beach with the salt water. It does its job well, love the SPF 50+! I like the packaging, it has a twist cap and then a squeeze out dispenser. It's a bit hard to get the product out when you are starting to run out though but that's not a big deal.

Great sunscreen, especially if you are looking for a high SPF that doesn't make you look like a greaseball.



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I love this suscreen

I use the SPF 50+ tube, which at the time of purchase didn't realise it wasn't specifically for the face. This is not an issue, it works wonderfully on the face and doesn't have a greasy texture and goes on matte. My skin feels so smooth after application and my oily t zone is matte. I only use the tube on my face and it's quite a generous size, that will last me a while. The sun protection is great and I have tried a lot of facial sunscreens from La Roche Posay to Aldi's Lacura. This works! Proof that you don't need to spend a huge amount for a good facial sunscreen. I also purchased it at Woolworths at 40% off, which is a huge bargain.



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One of the best sunscreens I've ever used

I tried multiple sunscreens for the harsh Australian sun and to date this is the only one I can vouch for.
It protects the skin from sunburns.
Has a good Moisturizing effect
Works well in the water too
Would be nice to have a smaller packaging to carry around in one's purse
Does leave a white layer on the face

Ideal for

Australian sunny days



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love it, does not grease

I'm very pedantic when it comes to sunscreen, I always op for the SPF 50+ and ones I had tried came out too greasy no matter how much or little I would apply on to my face.
This one does not grease at all and it's great.


Pat it on instead of rubbing because it can flake.

Ideal for

Lots of different skin types.



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The best face sunscreen

I have always hated using sunscreen on my face for the fact that it is always greasy, gives me a white sheen under makeup and makes my face too sticky. Now after reading all good reviews about this product, i am so impressed with it. First of all comes with spf 50 so you cannot go wrong with that, it is so light that you dont feel like you have a sunscreen on, is non greasy infact gives a matte look, and I let it settle on my face for a few minutes before applying my bb cream or make up. It did not break my skin, so far i have had no issues of pimples or acne after 3 weeks of use. If you are looking for a good sunscreen then this is the product you should go for.

Ideal for




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I have 2 tubes and I won't lie.

Sunscreen and I do not mix well . Too tacky, too greasy and it makes me feel like I need a couple of dips through the Niagara Falls. However, mention matte, dry-touch, and non-greasy and I'm SOLD.

Surprisingly, I much prefer this to their Ultra Sheer face sunscreen, probably because the (mostly)matte finish leaves the skin feeling wonderfully smooth. Dare I say, it works as a pretty good primer for heavy makeup? Although I wouldn't recommend heavy makeup on top of this on humid days ( it feels like my face is sliding off, along with my glasses), it works wonderfully for everyday looks in this tropical QLD weather. My only concern is that when I apply this, I don't find that I need very much to spread all over, however does this mean I'm still getting adequate sun-protection? I'm not sure.

After a few hours of wear, you will definitely need to blot, but then again, whose doesn't?

Value : Price varies depending on location : $12 -$15.


- 50+SPF is goooooooood.
- I'd probably use the spray if you need to sun coverage for your limbs : much more practical.

Ideal for

I'd recommend it for anyone really, especially those with acne pigmentation. An inexpensive and good workhorse of a face sunscreen where most SPF combo products fall short ( I'm looking at you Clinique City Sheer Block >:( ).



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Finally! A Sunscreen I Love to Wear!!

I hate wearing sunscreen on my face. I hate the greasy, slick feeling and the shine you have all day. I hate the breakouts that occur.
However, after finding and using the "Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Liquid-Lotion SPF 50+" that's matte-look daily for 16 days while away on the Gold Coast recently I now LOVE wearing sunscreen on my face! Even my hubby will wear this, which is an absolute miracle.
Not once have I had a breakout from using this product. Not once have I had to wipe a greasy sheen from my nose or chin. Not once has it mucked up my makeup application, which, by the way, goes on beautifully after applying this suncream. And, most importantly, not once has my face been sunburnt!! Very high protection!
This is a brilliant, break-through product that I personally rave about to anyone who asks me if I know of a good sunscreen.
Another win for Neutrogena in my books!

Ideal for

Anyone and everyone, particularly people who really hate wearing sunscreen!



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Favourite Sunscreen!

This lotion is perfect for everyday use. The formula is lightweight, non greasy, a real winner. I don't get a white cast from using it, as I have with other brands. It is a thrifty buy that I will continue to repurchase!

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