Reef - Sun Tan Oil SPF 6


Sun Tan Oil SPF 6

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Reef Sun Tan Oil SPF 6 is a light, non-greasy, easily absorbed oil that contains moisturisers and vitamin E to help keep skin smooth and supple. It has a sun protection factor of six to help prevent premature ageing of the skin and aid in protecting against the burning effect of the sun. It features a tropical coconut fragrance.


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smells amazing and makes you skin soft and glowy. I don't really use this as a tanning oil though, don't be fooled by the SPF, this can still be damaging to your skin and your health. Just use with caution



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great !

i love this product, me being allergic to most sunscreens its perfect for me to be sun smart and get a tan ! it has a gorgeous coconut smell which i love ! i found it mad me turn fairly brown insted of red in the sun !



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smells so good!

love love love it, i'm naturally tanned so it really helps bring out a deeper tan, really quick! the smell is definately the best thing about it, as long as you dont mind being a little sticky for a while!!



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i always use this although i tend to go with the 15% spf and i never burn when using this, although tanning isnt something we should all do offer


keep reapplying even 30minutes

Ideal for

not for people who burn easy



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i absolutely love this sun tan reef oil. i just have to be outside for half hour and im already tanning and it smeels soo good also you can get different types i normaly get the one that is SPF 30+ so im not going to get burn while using it!!



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Tan a'hoy

wow i love this stuff the smell is to die for .. sometimes ill just open the bottle and smell it. last summer i used this and i baked myself in the sun like a turkey cooking in the oven. i finished up having this awsome tan that i still have faint marks from. im now using the 30+ brand of reef.. it still works but takes slightly longer to get to the brown i want. love it.



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An all time favourite!

I love this product, it moisturises your skin while giving a little spf protection. Great if you're only going to be in the sun for a short while. You get a nice glowing colour and it smells devine.



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tropical heaven

The tropical coconut fragrance alone has me sold on this product. im pretty weak for coconut!!!! but its awsome. i wouldnt use it on harsh days as a sole sun cream but on a nice warm day it does help with the tan hahah


anyone who loves coconut and a natural glow!



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leather people

This product should be more carefully labelled, i know it caused me a lot of trouble and skin damage in my teens. The SPF factor gives a false sense of security, when all this product does is ENCOURAGE burning. Its wonderful to use at night because it smells great and makes your skin feel silky and lovely the next day - but PLEASE dont use it to tan, you'll just make your skin worse in the long run.



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couldnt live without this!

i spend all my summers with this in my bag, and i end up with the best tan :D love it dearly, and so cheap!

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