Garnier - Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Micro Mist


Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Micro Mist

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Formulated to produce a natural looking tan even in hard to reach places. Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Spray features an aerosol application which produces a light mist to evenly coat skin.


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Ms Billi


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Too orange for my liking

I like the packaging of this product and how easy it is to use. It also has a pleasant scent which is not too bad.

However the thing I don't like about this tanner is that it turned out a bit too orange for my liking. I feel that the results were not natural and just made me look like an oompa loompa. It also develops very streaky so that did not help either!

I would not re-purcahse this product or recommend it.



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great colour, just makes sure you get good coverage

I tyied this for the first time the other week as i am used to useing creams as opposed to sprays.

I was really impressed with how quickly this product driend on my skin and didnt leave my felling all sticky afterwards. Really easy to apply but it is clear going on so you need to pay attension to where u have/ have not applyied! :)

This product can be built appon as i felt i wanted to go a little darker that just one spray.

I did use this on my face as well and it looked great.


Exfoliate before

Ideal for

weekends, develops in 3 hours :)



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No Streaks

Garnier Ambre Solaire No-Streaks Bronzer Micro Mist comes in a 125ml aerosol.
I decided to try a spray-on tan because I generally use gels or creams and this looked so easy to apply. I liked the fact that it was no-streak and that there was natural apricot extract in the formula, which is good for my skin.
Before I start bronzing I exfoliate and lightly moisturise the areas I am going to tan, this will help give my tan a more radiant glow and moisturising areas such as elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles and tops of feet will stop the tanner catching on dry areas.
I give the can a good shake to mix the formula, break my body into sections and take time with each limb so I know I have covered the area properly. I hold the can about 25 cm from my body and spray in long upward movements, hoping for an even finish.
The micro mist is fine and drys on my skin rather quickly. My skin is transfered into a beautiful radiant, golden glow and it feels soft and smooth. The natural apricot extract ensures the bronzer does not dry out on my skin. I am delighted with the product.
I moisturise daily to keep my skin soft and to extend the life of my tan. About the 3rd or 4th day I lightly exfoliate to ensure my tan wears off evenly.
Garnier Ambre Solaire No-Streaks Bronzer Micro Mist can be purchased at Priceline.


Moisturise before tanning to stop tan from being patchy.



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Very nice product

This is really very good if you want to avoid the dreaded brown palms from fake tanning! You don't need to touch the skin where you have applied it because it sprays on in a perfect fine mist. That's right, no rubbing or blending needed. The trick is to hold the can an even distance from your body while you spray! This can make a mess if you're not careful. I recommend you stand in the shower (water off obviously) while you spray. And do let this "set" for about 20-30 minutes after. (i.e. don't rush to put those white pants on!) I got a very nice, natural golden colour from this fake tan. I'm very fair with warm undertones in my skin. I took half a point off for the mess factor and half a point off because it doesn't fade too evenly. Be sure to exfoliate before and after using this.


Definitely use this in your shower stall to avoid mess!

Ideal for

Pale porcelain princesses



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good first impression

had a nice colour for the first little while and very easy can to spray and apply with, however after time it was fading in patches and had an orangy glow to it



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easy to apply

Loved the application, Even on areas where I'm sure I went over twice it didn't look patchy, but I am pale so it was a little orange on my skin, especially after a few days. Doesn't exfoliate very well either. (When fading)



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good coverage

i tried this product and it worked quite well i even managed to do my back streak free. but it was VERY messy and turned the grout in my bathroom tiles brown and the sink and cupboard were covered in a fine mist.



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i was never too impressed with this before i though it was kind of orange but i used it again the other day and it works fine, so im thinking you have to be careful with over spray like normal salon spray tans, the spray bottle is great and there really are no streaks, reasonable price too



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great colour but fades in patches

Even on pale skin I got a really nice natural gold but after a few days the colour fades in very strange ways especially around the feet - I felt like I had vitiligo! I wouldn't buy this one again due to this issue but may try other products in the range and see if they do this too, since the colour is so nice.



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i swear with this product i first used it when i had to go out on a first date , and i cant describe the color it gave me , my skin looked so sexy that few people asked me what i ve got on my skin !!

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