Puretopia - Instant Moisture Skin Quenching & Protecting Daily Face Moisturiser SPF 15


Instant Moisture Skin Quenching & Protecting Daily Face Moisturiser SPF 15

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Puretopia Instant Moisture, Skin Quenching & Protecting Daily Face Moisturiser SPF 15 includes two superior peptide complexes, one acts as a messenger to the cells to stimulate and regulate activity and the other works to stimulate collagen activity strengthening the three dimensional integrity of the skin. Wrinkles appear reduced and skin will feel softer and firmer. The potency is further enhanced with vitamin C to brighten and add clarity evening out skin tone. Deeply penetrating moisture comes from the olive oil, evening primrose, avocado and aloe. It has a rose and geranium fragrance.
For normal to dry and combination skin, apply a small amount of product to the palm of your hands and massage together to warm the product to assist in an even application.


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Beautorium December 2014

For a daily moisturiser with the bare minimum of SPF for me, this is an excellent lotion. This comes in a 50 ml white pump bottle that isn't like your normal pump - it's as very reassuringly thick and firm pump, that delivers a perfect amount each time.

For my normal skin, this sinks in very well, and my make up settles on my face very easily with this lotion. I don't find this to be particularly thick and I like the almost outdoorsy scent of this moisturiser. I don't notice it after initial application.

Overall, a great addition to my daily routine.



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Worked Great For My Normal Skin!

I have been using this product daily in my skincare routine over the past couple of weeks and have really been enjoying using it along with several other Puretopia products in the range. Being outside with my kids on a daily basis and playing in the sun means it is important to me that my skin is protected. I love that this product contains an SPF of 15 so I can relax knowing my face and neck won't get damaged. The scent is very natural and smells very moisturising a bit like a nature walk. The formula looks like sunscreen but the texture doesn't have that thick, greasy feel, thankfully! It is super easy to work into the skin and leaves your skin soft and ready for makeup application!

Jojo baby


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Finally Dry Skin Relief

I recently went searching for a product to help with the dry patches on my cheeks and nose as I have had a hard time trying to cover my skin with foundation as it won't rub in properly.

I saw the Puretopia range on the shelf and saw it wasn't tested on animals which is high on my list to start with. The price was very reasonable also.

I am only a few days in and can't believe the difference to my skin, it feels so smooth and soft. I don't find it greasy at all it rubs in really well and has a lovely delicate scent. I find my skin feels great all day. I am using it in combination with the whisk away cream cleanser for normal to dry skin. So this could be the result of using both products?? I haven't had any break outs or irritation as I normally do with other products.

Can't recommend this product enough in my opinion it's worth giving it a go especially if you want lovely soft skin at an affordable price.


Use in combination with the Whisk Away Creamy Cleanser for normal to dry skin.

Ideal for

People with dry flaky skin patches on their face.



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Smells like citronella

NOTE: This review is based on a generous sample that I received, which gave me several applications.

I have dry skin, and I usually find that a moisturiser that has a light consistency leaves my skin feeling dry again quite quickly. Although Puretopia's Instant Moisture has a light texture, it provided my skin with a decent amount of hydration. It also was a good base underneath my daytime foundation.

I agree with the comments from previous reviewers regarding this moisturiser's scent. Although the scent is subtle, it smells like citronella, which is used to repel insects. There's something about this scent that I find unappealing in a moisturiser for the face, which is why I'm only giving this product three stars.

cherry pie


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sticky & left a white cast

While i love the ingredients in this face cream it didn't work for me. It was thick, greasy, hard to rub in and left a white cast on my skin. I could feel it sitting on my face and I felt like it never really dried which made it hard to apply make up over. Maybe this would work for drier skins. I really like the pump container.



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RE- Reviewed for Glosscars 2012

After my first trial of this product I decided to give it another go but sadly found this product just didnt suit my skin at all as was my first impression. I have problems with sensitve skin that can become very dry. From the sensitive side I had no problems but my Dry Skin then became very oily. There is no way that i could use this product under makeup and found that for me it would actually be more suited to being used as a night cream. I gave up using it during the day and decided to use it instead as a night cream as i really hate to waste products. As a night cream it was fine although i do wonder about a product with spf being used for night. The texture of the product is very sunscreen like. I found it quite thick but it did apply quite well and would absorb well initally.
Another thing that didnt really impress me much was that it has an odd scent. Its very faint but yet its there and it took me a while before i worked out that it reminded me of mozzy repellent. Not totally unpleasent but at the same time not a smell that i want on my skin first thing in the morning. They say its a scent of Rose and Geranium but to me it was nothing but mozzy spray. All I smell is a chemical mosquito repelant kind of scent.
The big thing that a really detest with this product is the packaging. The Container is one of the pumps which is fine except i do find some of the products that have these types of containers issue too much product and also when you put the little plug back in you end up with even more product squirting out. Thats what happens with this container which is a tad annoying. The pump issues way too much product on a full pump and so you then try to give part pumps but no matter what i did i either didnt have enough and would have to pump again and then ended up with too much or i would get too much product right from the start. Secondly ...once you begin to use up the product then the pump just stops working and you are left with a lot of product where the pump just doesnt reach and no way to reach the contents unless you break into the container which i did.
I would not repurchase this product and really couldnt recommend it to anyone.
Very disppointing as i feel the other puretopia products are fair more impressive. This is their worst product.



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Purely for my skin and yours

Puretopia is Australian made and owned, the products are 100% sulphate and paraben free, no synthetic fragrances or artificial colours, no propylene glycol, no DEA,TEA or silicones, they are against animal testing, and the packaging is recyclable - now that’s impressive. I thank BH for giving me the opportunity to fall in love with Puretopia Instant Moisture Daily Face Moisturiser. For such an affordable price this moisturiser delivers so much more than moisture and SPF15 protection to my dry skin, containing highly potent pure natural bioactives which have been sourced to provide the skin with optimal skin nutrition for visibly healthy skin. I have found my fine lines appear reduced and my skin is firmer, plumped and oh so soft. The ingredients are so beautiful – Vitamin C, Olive, Avocado, Aloe, Evening Primrose, Rose and with an added peptide complex where one acts a messenger to the cells to stimulate and regulate activity and the other works to stimulate collagen activity strengthening the skin – they are the words I love to see when looking for a moisturiser. Vitamin C brightens the skin and adds clarity, evens out skin tone and acts as an antioxidant. The superb moisturising benefits comes from the synergy of olives, evening primrose and avocado with the soothing effects of aloe. The scent is of Rose/geranium but is not overpowering at all, just smells incredibly natural. The product is in a pump form and is so easy to use (I don't put the plug back in, just place the lid back on) you can monitor how much moisturiser you need. In the morning after I cleanse and mist my face I then massage the cream in my hands then pat over my face and neck, this acts as a beautiful base for my primer and make-up, I feel hydrated and nourished all day. My children also use this moisturiser as it is safe and effective on even the most delicate skin and I know that they’re protected throughout the day.


Don't put the plug back in, the lid will protect the cream enough.

Ideal for

Dry/sensitive skin



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you either like it or hate it

for me i am enjoying this moisturiser my skin is a dry /oily combo skin. occasionally i find i do break out how ever i think that is do to other reasons not the cream. it comes in a pump pack which i quiet like it disperses a nice amount not to much not to little you dont need too much to cover your face and you do get a good covering. for a start i thought it was a heavy cream then it slowly absorbed into the skin leaving it feel fresh and clean. my only complaint would be the smell it is yuck.



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Not what I expected.

I would not reccommend this for young skin. It is rather thick and may cause breakouts. I tried the one for sensitive skin and that was fine but found it rather gluggy under makeup.The smell of it I found rather pleasant. I will most likely use it after a shower at night rather than in the daytime.


Older skin would benefit and the price is ideal for those on a budget. My skin is mature but i prefer something that is not going to be hot under makeup.

Ideal for

I probably would not purchase it again but may try the shampoo and conditioner as I like natural products.



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Did not really understand the frangrance

I agree with Meedee. I was lucky enough to be asked to trial this product for 14days, but found by day 4 my skin was breaking out. The cream is very thick and also left my skin oily when it is usually not.
The scent is not something that I would class as rose. There may be a subtle scent of rose in there, but it is overpowered by a kind of chemical fragrance.
I would usually wear an SPF 30+ on my face daily and this one offeres SPF 15.
I was also asked to trail there shampoo and conditioner, which I found brilliant.

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