Palmer's - Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion


Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion

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A gradual tanning lotion that combines Palmer’s signature ingredients cocoa butter and vitamin E for ultra moisturisation. With daily use, skin will be soft, smooth and develop a natural bronze glow in a few days. Packaged in a convenient pump pack to ensure easy application. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion is cocoa scented so there is no chemical smell like other tanning products.

Also Available in Natural Bronze Instant $9.39 / 250mL

$9.39 / $12.99

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250mL / 400mL


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Inconsistent results

Very inconsistent results - sometimes this tanner makes me orange, sometimes a lovely bronze tan - however another review mentioned the orange effect is due to two consecutive days of use so I will experiment with this. One bottle will last ages


Exfoliate before use, ensure even application, wear gloves



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Love it!

I have fairly pale skin and as much as I try to tan in summer I never get very brown. Last summer I got badly sunburnt and had a very patchy tan so I started using this product. I have been using it ever since! it is easy to apply and I have never had any problems with streaking or turning orange. It's great to supplement natural tanning during summer and to keep up your tan during winter.


For a more natural look apply before bed and shower in the morning, use every second day.



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Just above gradual tan

This gradual tan works really well for me. It is not a moisturiser I will use every day, rather 2 days in a row or twice a week. I have really pale skin and the lotion provides me with a really nice natural tan, not orange like some of the other reviews state. The tan covers well, the moisturiser is nice and lite, just be sure to cover evenly as the tan is stronger than most gradual tanners and will leave patches if not spread even. I am happy with my purchase and the product will last a while due to its fast tanning potential. Was very impressed to see results after just 1 day. xx



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This is by far my favourite tanning product. I have tried so many but I always come back to this one. I have fair skin and most self tanners are just too dark or orange. I use this all over my body, it doesn't streak or go funny on my skin. I always apply it on twice and I don't find it orange at all, it gives you a nice glowing tan. It's also so moisturizing and it smells great too. Beautiful :) xx



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Always go back to my favourite! Great Price, Great Result!

I have a cupboard full of lotions and potions, but I always end up back to this old favourite of mine.

It doesnt seem to streak, and I am a bit clumsy when it comes to not applying stuff right, cause I am ALWAYS in a hurry.

I apply it every second day til I get my desired hue.

It moisturises too, and once you hit the colour you want, keep up the moisture with Palmers Coco Butter moisturiser, perfect partners!


Use some disposable gloves to apply or was your hands immediately as you will get orange palms, just try not to wash the tops of your hands if you want the tan to NOT stop at your wrists and you look like you have brown arms and white hands, looks just too weird!

Ideal for

Those who have never tried self tanning before, take it easy, nice and slow! :)



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Natural looking

This tan is quite good if you just want a sunkissed look . Don't apply two days in a row as you turn out slightly orange
To get a streak free finish you have to rub it in really well and make sure you wash it off your hands as I forgot once and had orange between my fingers for a week!
Apply before bed as it is gradual and you will wake up with a nice tan



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Used to be so amazing!!

This used to be my go to tanning product. But after giving it up for a year or so I decided to give it a go again.
All I can say it: What Happened?!
This once beautiful coconut smelling gradual tanner is no longer the amazing product I loved. Have they changed the formula? Last time it would turn be a lovely cocoa brown.... today I look like an Oompa Loompa!


Please Palmer's change back the formula....

Chantel Larissa


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Easy Tan!

I have naturally fair skin and in winter i turn very white, this product gives me a nice even color in such little time! Absolutely great product :)



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Dissapointed :-(

I wanted to love this but I ended up horribly orange after a weeks use also very streaky the scent is nice a little strong but still pleasant. It is hydrating but sadly for me orange is not the new 'Brown'.



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Gradual Tanner!

Im pretty sure that Palmers changed the forumula recently- as I have tried it in the past - and I think it was better.

Really love that the product comes in a pump pack- it makes it really easy to apply- its a very thick lotion and I find that I only need 1-2 pumps for each section on the skin! The lotion to me is very thick, but I find it quite easy to rub it- its very creamy and smooth! I love the smell- its very hard to hide the fake tan smell- and palmers have done a reasonable job with this- its a very sweet smelling coconut smell which I really like- slight whiff of tan but nothing overpowering. I find this gradual tanner very moisturising and very soft and leaves my skin very smooth!

Now for the colour- for me as a fair- medium tanned woman- I find once or twice a week is perfect- otherwise I have noticed that I can go orange- like really orange. It gives you a nice glow after one application but any more than 2 and it can look a bit orange. I also think that sometimes it looks a bit streaky! You have to be really careful where you are applying otherwise after one application it goes streaky! You also have to wash your hands straight after use. I find that this one lasts on the skin quite a while even with moistursing and scrubing and daily showers- so I only need to apply it once a week for a subtle glow. I have noticed that more and im going a bit orange.

I think if this one works for you its great- if it doesnt work with your base tones its too orange- just remember though not to apply every day or you will be orange as! Good soft skin though!

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