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This non-streaking lotion gives an even, natural-looking tan that develops in a few hours. Le Tan Instant Lotion is available in Bronze and Deep Bronze.


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So easy to use.

I just keep repurchasing this in Bronze! It's easy to apply using just my hands, and leaves no streaks. The colour also builds up easily, and is not orange looking.



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Streak free!

I have always found it really hard to apply fake tan without leaving streaks down my legs, but for some reason I have no such problem with this one. I use the bronze as i am quite fair and it provides an instant healthy brown colour with no orange tone to it at all. If you choose to apply with the sponge it takes forever trying to blend it well, so just use your hands instead.

Molly Grace


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A few improvements, but still my go-to tan :)

I've used the jet dry, the instant spray as well as the lotion.
I found that using the spray I had to rub it in anyway due to the fine hairs on my arms. This prompted me to purchase the lotion, it was a toss up between the mousse and the lotion, but I thought the lotion would make for easier application due to the creamy texture.

It cakes up a bit and looks blotchy when you first apply it, but after you shower the next day you're left with an even tan.

Despite not drying quickly it's still fairly resistant to smudging.
The smell could be improved as it has the really obvious fake tan smell and even after showering with soap and water it can still have a slight residual odour.

However, it's the best I've tried.

I re-apply mine every 3 or so days and it can get boring but a girl's got to do what she must :)



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


this Le tan product gave me the pefect tan , i felt fresh and beautiful. The colour is great. Although the sponge applicator wasn't necessary



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Staple fake-tanner

The Fast Tan Handsfree range was the first I ever used and still use every now and then! If my other default fake tanner isn't dark enough I use my Le Tan to add some extra colour. It's a great natural colour and smells nice at first, although after a while the smell is noticable, especially if put on the underarms. It lasts quite a while and is a very reasonable price. I prefer deep bronze as the colour is stronger, obviously!
The only negative is the sponge applicator but I just use my hands instead.

Ms Billi


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The sponge ruins it

I really love the formula in this product as it gives you a wonderfully natural looking tan. The only thing I hate about it is the sponge bit - it just ruins it for me. The sponge makes the application streaky and uneven. It is way better to use without the sponge.



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One of the best

I absolutely love this brand of tan, and the sponge applicator comes in a close second to my favoured application. It goes on evenly and the colour is great too with minimal orange.
and it doesn't run and stays on longer when exercising compared to other tans!


use your hands for better application

Ideal for

everyday tan



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Another win form Le Tan

I love all the Le Tan products but this one is best for when you have slightly more time as the formula is really thick and takes a little longer to dry than other formulations. The colour is great and it smells really good but not too strong


Take a little more time to get it right with gloves

Ideal for

Slightly more experienced tanners



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Great Colour

I love this fake tan as i have fair, pale skin and it gives a nice natural bronze colour without looking orange! Although i love the idea of the sponge applicator (I hate tan-hands!), i always tend to end up using my hands anyway because i worry i'm not getting an even coverage. I am a beginner tanner and find this fantastic and easy to use, you can apply the tan gradually to the colour you want, Just be careful of your knees and ankles, i find the colour tends to build up around them more using the sponge.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Really good self-tanner

I really like this self-tanner. It goes on really easily (but don't use the sponge it doesn't work well at all), is really easy to smooth evenly and I never end up with any streaks like a lot of self-tanners. Also it doesn't have a strong smell like some do, it has this nice vanilla scent instead which I think is really pleasant. The colour comes out really natural, without any orangeness and tends to last me four or five days before I have to reapply.
One thing I did notice a few times though, is when I wash the fake tan off my hands afterwards some water droplets end up on my legs and I end up with these little white streaks all the way down because they just wash the tan off!

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