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Great Tan Without Sun

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Ella Baché Great Tan Without Sun has a unique tinted formula so it gives an instant tan as soon as it's applied. The tint also helps to guide in application for a more even tan all over. The next-to-no-odour formulation reduces the unwanted odour of fake tan without affecting its colour. Ella Bache's Great Tan Without Sun keeps skin nourished with moisturising ingredients such as cocoa butter and anti-oxidants such as green tea to keep skin soft and supple and ensure your golden tan lasts.


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Great Product

i had never used a fake tan before so i was worried when i first used this but it was so easy to apply and looked great faded naturally and didn't look blotchy or orange, im pretty white so i was told to be careful but it worked great, i will definitely keep using this product



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Perfect colour-if you put in the effort!

I'm a pale girl always on the look out for a stellar tanning product. I have used Ella Bache products since I was a tween, so I was super excited to have a try of this one! The first application was amazing, the smell was okay and it turned out natural and streak free on my skin. I used the tanning mitt in the application and it lasted for about a week, with moisturising. However, the second time I used the product I didn't take as much care and it turned out really streaky. I have found it will work really well as long as you...
-Exfoliate well
-Make sure your body is really, really dry
-Pay attention to where you've put it (the tint helps with this!)
-Don't get dressed for a while/sleep in your best sheets that night.

All in all, it is a pretty good product. You just need to pay attention, it isn't a product you can chuck on and hope for the best!



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Best in Beauty 2014

I am not a huge fan of fake tanning, as I find it so nerve-racking and worrying as I wait for it to develop- will it be blotchy? orange? streaky? Thankfully, this tanning lotion is none of those things. It is perfect! I use this a day after shaving or waxing my legs, and only before special occasions. I take this onto a tanning mitt and spread it over my legs. The scent is bearable. I usually apply this at night before bed, and wake up to deeply tanned legs. And I mean really deeply. This looks very face on my pale skin, however, when I go and wash it off with a gentle exfoliating scrub, it reveals a natural looking glowing tan! Make sure that you apply a barrier cream to your knees and ankles, though, as the tan can get caught there and be very dark. It lasts for about a week for me, and then I keep it going by using a gradual tanning lotion. This tan is great for novices like me as you don't need to worry too much as any blotches will easily be removed when you wash off the developed tan!



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A must try!

The Ella Bache "Great Tan Without Sun" cream is one of the best tanning creams I've ever used. It smells great (personal choice). It gives a soft, natural looking glow which is gorgeous. It stays on the same amount of time as a typical tan but it stays glowing the whole time.
Don't dress immediately after application though as the tan will come off, and it makes you feel a little like an oily potato cake for a few hours after but otherwise, it works amazingly and I would recommend to anyone!



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Very natural colour & results

I've been using this recently mainly on my face, neck, decollette & am impressed.

It looks dark in the tube, but with a light application, it results in a light golden colour & the results are very even & natural looking. No hint of orange in any way.

I use without a glove, but do work quickly & rinse my hands iimmediately afterwards with soapy water. I put on before bed & wake up with a lovely light golden colour, and it matches well with my twice weekly usage of a gradual tanner.

I like how it's got very little odour & doesn't irritate my skin in any way either.

Great product, great results, and one I'll continue to happily buy!



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best in beauty 2013

This is my HG tanning product!!!! It is super thick- seems to sink into my skin better than anything I have tried and lasts way longer than most fake tans, tending to fade off rather than wear/rub/flake off.

Great colour for my skin tone (medium tan) and I constantly get comments on how good my tan is only to have people look in disbelief when I tell them its a fakey! It is easy to apply and I never had problems with streaking or blotching.

The only downside is that it is a bit pricey- I can usually get 3-4 applications out of one tube which costs me $40 but I suppose thats what you pay for 1 spray tan...

Overall, this is the best fake tan I've used, and I've tried a lot of different brands! As a bit of a fake tan addict I can definitely say that this is the one I'd choose because of its great colour and easy application.



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Worst tanner ever.

I've tried this, and honestly, I can't think of one thing I like about this product. It smells (as with most fake tanners, but this is just over powering). The worst thing about this is the colour pay off. I found it left practically nothing on the area of skin I applied it to, but when I looked at my hands, I was orange-er than an oompa loompa. I hate this tan.

Emma 796


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Easy to apply with latex gloves
did leave residue on skin but developed evenly
next to no odur !!
after 30 minutes of drying time was able to get dressed and no white patches from where clothing was.
develops into a beautiful colour.

Ideal for

For someone who spray tans once a week and needed an alternative due to being unable to have a spray for 8 weeks, this product is amazing.



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Excellent Natural Self Tan That Lasts Up To 3-4 Days

Ella Bache Great Tan Without Sun 50ml comes in a blue and brown up-down (lid base) squeeze container with a click open swing lid.
Great Tan Without Sun is a moisture rich self tan cream.
It gives skin an instant bronze tint, that develops into a tan in 1-2 hours.
The cream does not contain sun protection.
It can be used on face and body and is enriched with cocoa butter, lanolin, vitamin E and green tea to hydrate and protect skin.
I have a routine I like to use when I am going to use self tan products.
The night before I am going to use tanning solution I, do hair removal, body scrub to cleanse and exfoliate skin and use body moisturiser to hydrate skin.
The next morning I apply more body cream to thick skin areas such as elbows, knees and ankles, it helps the tanning solution produce an even streak free tan.
The self tan cream is dark brown and thick.
I use a tanning mitt to apply the cream to skin, blending as I go.
The texture is rich, smooth and lightly moisturising.
The tanning solution odour is virtually non-existant, an acceptable level.
Skin is instantly transformed with a light coloured tint.
I am careful with the amount I apply to knees and ankles, these areas can over absorb tanning solution resulting in uneven tan coverage.
I allow to dry for at least 1/2 an hour before dressing.
The end result is a natural tan, the tint developing into a light tan over a couple of hours.
The tanning product is brilliant, I love using it, the effect, my fake tan is wonderful, natural and very nice.
It gradually fades, lasting 3 - 4 days.
Great Tan Without Sun is a definite confidence booster.

Made in Australia under licence.


Does not contain sun protection.



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Really good product

This tan is amazing!
Goes on easily (I used a mit)
has a lovely texture and scent
has an isntant colour so you can see where it is, that then washed off to reveal an amzing bronzed glow thats left behind.

THe only flaw I feel this product has is that if you use a lot it takes a ages to dry and hours to stop feeling oily


Put it on before bed and sleep on an old sheet to wake up with an amazing tan. use a mit

Ideal for

any one who wants a tan :)

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