Dove - Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash


Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

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Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash features a breakthrough blend of moisturisers enriched with skin natural lipids. This formula deeply penetrates the skin when used in the shower, giving you soft and supple skin. The rich, creamy nature of the formula means that it's both nourishing and pampering. Contains breakthrough NutriumMoisture® technology, which gently cleanses the skin while delivering the essential lipids needed to keep skin truly nourished, soft and healthy.

$7.36 / $12.99

Pack size:
375mL / 1L


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Tabitha Amy


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Dry skin be gone!

I absolutely love this body wash! After a long, dry winter I switched to this and am so glad I did. It instantly started to re-hydrate my skin. It lathers up nicely and doesn't have an overpowering scent. I love that I can get it in a larger pump bottle also.


Use with a shower puff for a creamy, thick lather!

Ideal for

Anyone really but particularly those that suffer with dry skin.



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Smooth and Soft~

This body wash claims to be extremely moisturising. It lathers nicely and has a very nice clean scent without an overpowering fragrance which I super like. It applies like butter and seems to soak straight into the skin.
In the shower, the wash applies super smoothly and makes my skin extremely supple and soft.
After having used this for a couple weeks, I can definitely say my skin has felt a lot more smooth and soft. With the changing season however, there have still been some areas of dryness around my legs, however, overall it is a great product.

Ideal for

Any skin type



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Loved body wash

This is a must-have product in my bathroom. It leaves my skin so smooth and soft which I don't even need to use moisturizer after shower. I can manage to get this around $5-6 1L bottle which is great bargain for an amazing body wash.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Fave Body Wash

This would have to be my ultimate body wash. It lathers up well & the scent is lovely. On top of that it moisturises my skin without needing a lotion afterwards and smells fresh long afterwards. At the very affordable price point it's at aswell there's really no going wrong here!

bh's Beth En...


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A nice creamy body wash

As a lover of gentle skincare, I am a big fan of Dove products. Their Clear Touch Roll-on deodorant is my absolute favourite, so I was interested to see how the body wash compared. At just $12.99 for a massive 1L bottle it’s certainly great value, not to mention it will probably last me about a year. If you prefer strong-smelling shower products this one’s probably not for you, but I personally really enjoyed its pleasant, light scent. The pump bottle is a good design and allowed me to get a good amount of body wash, without wasting any. When applied it has a rich, creamy texture and it lathers well. This body wash promises a triple moisturising effect and while it certainly wasn’t drying, I didn’t find it hugely hydrating – however this could be because my skin has been particularly dry this winter. Used in conjunction with a good moisturiser however, I think this would make a great go-to body wash, year round!

Ideal for

Those who prefer milder, lightly scented shower products



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Great value

I bought this for $10 a litre which not many products out there can beat in terms of value. The pump bottle is so handy and easy to use in the shower. When the product initially dispenses it looks very creamy like moisturiser but lathers up nicely. It doesn't have much of a scent which would be good for those with sensitive skin but personally I love a wonderful smelling body wash. I'm not sure if I've noticed a difference in my skin feeling more moisturised but it definitely hasn't done any damage and for the price I am likely to buy it again.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Amazing for Dry Skin

I usually never use "soaps" in the shower due to my sensitive/dry skin. I suffer from eczema and soaps tend to really flare my skin up.
I took a walk through my local Priceline store and came across the "Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash" and read the front and back willing to give it a try.
This body wash not only smells amazing but it FEELS amazing on my skin. It's so gentle on my skin, which is a huge suprise to me as I usually find it hard to find a body wash that doesn't flare my skin.
I'm absolutely in love with this body wash and the way it leaves my skin!
Absolutely reccommend this body wash to anyone who wants an extra hit of hydration for their body!

Ideal for

Dry & sensitive skin and for that extra hydration & moisturised feel



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Feels nice

I don't have a shower puff thing but it still works to moisturise my skin and it doesn't smell too overpowering.

Brown Beauty


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Love it

It comes in nice plastic bottle which is easy to use. It has pleasant smell which is very light not over powering. It has rich milky texture and leathers well when I use it with my sponge. I used it during winter and summer and in both seasons it left my skin soft and clean with dehydrating it. I love this body wash, it is suitable for dry sensitive skin types.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Gentle clean

Dove has always known to be soft on skin and this is no different. Its a great cleanser and I never feel like my skin is dry and tight like after using some other shower gels. It is thick to apply and spreads easily, and its scent is not too overpowering.

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