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Beauty Cream Bar

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Dove’s Beauty Cream Bar contains one quarter of moisturising cream to pamper and nourish dry skin and retain its natural moisture to ensure a soft finish. PH cleansers in the formula help to avoid irritation and dryness. Dermatologically tested and recommended for daily use in the shower. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

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millie rose


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Bathroom Staple

I have sensitive skin and find that most bar soaps leave my skin dry and irritated...but not this one! It has a gorgeous soft scent that leaves my skin smelling beautifully clean, without it being too perfumed or strong. It feels silky and soft and leaves skin smooth, cleansed, and moisturized. It lathers up well and is gentle enough for everyday use. I really can't fault it!


Work into a creamy lather and use!

Ideal for

People with sensitive skin who struggle to find a bar soap gentle enough for everyday use, and anyone else wanting gorgeously soft skin

Colour Those...


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hardly use Bar Soaps

Im not a fan of using bar soaps as im a germ/bacteria freak! I find most soap dry out the skin in the shower and smell yucky. Dove I found left my skin feeling skin and fluffy! The smell of the bar soap was refreshing. I now use this all the time



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Bathing in Satin

I used to believe, like everyone else, that all soaps were bad for your skin; drying, harsh and stripping of natural oils. Now when I discovered that they had done a pH test on Dove, and it came back neutral, I started using it for both my face and body. It is very gentle, and produces a nice rich creamy lather that goes a long way. It's also fresh and clean, which is why I always feel that I'm getting a thorough clean. Use a body puff, as the small diamond shaped holes in the netting will make Sudsing up a lot easier. You'll get a good thick later. In terms of feel, Dove is smooth and satiny. I feel like I'm bathing in cream every time I take a shower. Beautiful soap, and thanks to those who participated in the pH litmus test. People love results they can see.


Use a wet body puff to work up a rich creamy lather. Can be used to wash your face as well!

Ideal for

Everyone. People who are irritated with other harsh soaps



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fresh clean smells amaze

love it I use this on my kids aswell. feels super clean is soft

Ideal for

lovely soft skin



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

The Best!

I've used many different soaps but always return to this one as you just cannot beat it. It has a lovely mild fragrance and is non-irritating. I use it, my children use it and my husband requests that I buy it and that I don't deviate from this brand. We've used the original, the exfoliating, the shea butter and the pink one when it comes out for Breast Cancer awareness. They are all great. No greasy soap residue, it suds up and washes off, leaving our skin moisturised and cleaned, not stripped. It's a great price too - often the discount chains sell the four-bar packs for $4.00. I have used it for my face, but I prefer a soap-free cleanser so just use this for body.

Suellen Ryan


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Best soap ever

This is the only soap that I will use on my skin. It smells amazing, leaves skin super soft and not at all dry. I even have the little cakes in my hand bag as I can not stand the soap in public toilets. Yes you can call me precious. However as a result my skin is never dry.


Try to keep the cake out of water when not in use as it will last longer.

Ideal for




Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Wow, what a difference

I started using Dove’s Beauty Cream Bar a few months ago and love it. The fragrance is fantastic and it leaves my skin feeling soft, moist, clean and refreshed. Highly recommended.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Bathroom staple

I first tried this when I got it a dove sample pack. I usually don't use soap as it tends to dry out my hands but this bar didn't as it left my hands feeling smooth. A great product that is a staple in any bathroom

Ideal for

For anyone with dry skin, that wants a soap that moisturizes the skin



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Best everyday body cleanser

This product is simply amazing.
I use it twice a day, every single day in the shower and will never go back to using a shower gel or other soap.
I find it does a thorough job at cleansing my skin whilst still being gentle, and once I am out of the shower my body already feels as though it has been moisturised.
The texture of the soap is velvety and has a pleasant scent also.
The only negative I have about this product is that its soft creaminess leads it to run out very frequently, but it isnt too expensive so I am happy to repurchase.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Perfect soap bar!

First thing I'd like to say about this product is the beautiful smell it has to it. It's not floral or a sweet smell so you won't get sick of it. It does definitely moisturise your body, allowing for it to retain it's oils that is needed. I like using this soap bar with a scrub so that it can not only restore moisture into my skin, but also get rid of the dead skin on my skin. Which provides that smooth, soft legs.

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