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Pink Nourishing Body Wash

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For a relaxing shower experience, Dove Pink Nourishing Body Wash has a mild formula that nourishes and pampers the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The formula features nutrium moisture, a patent-pending breakthrough technology that combines gentle cleansing with lipids to give skin the nourishment it needs. The formula features a floral, sweet fragrance. Suitable for use in the shower everyday, and for all skin types, including sensitive. Dove's donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation are expected to reach $1 million.
Contains breakthrough NutriumMoisture® technology, which gently cleanses the skin while delivering the essential lipids needed to keep skin truly nourished, soft and healthy.


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Trial Team

All in all a good product. Doesn't dry out my skin like other body wash products I've used. Directions ay to use a teaspoon sized amount onto a wet loofah. I would normally have found that amount to not be sufficient to do the job, but this product lathers up beautifully, and a teaspoon is really all you need. It feels rich, and has a light floral fragrance which is not overpowering. Normally I would steer clear of sweet floral smells, but as this isn't overpowering at all, it is pleasant. When I first saw the packaging, it looked like the lid would be difficult to open and close, but this is not the case; it flips back easily. I would definitely repurchase as it is value for money. Maybe try another fragrance though!


Forbest results, always use with a wet loofah!



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Trial Team

I was so happy when I found that I had been given the body wash to trial, I absolutely love the Dove body wash range.

I like the design of the new bottle it is so easy to hold in the shower, the only downside is that the lid can be difficult to open.

When I first read on the bottle to use a teaspoon full I was a bit dubious, but after finally getting the hang of dispensing the right amount of product I found that you do only need to use a small amount, so the bottle should last a while.

The product itself is lovely, it give a nice creamy lather with the beautiful scent that I have come to associate with dove. My legs still feel a bit tight after my shower so not too sure how moisturising this is.

Overall this is a wonderful product that I will most likely keep using in the future.



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great moisturizing bar

i trialled the dove pink beauty cream bar and absolutely loved it. it was really gentle on my skin and it felt softer. the subtle scent was also great. Would definitely buy again.


dry skin



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Had a great shower!!!

I am reviewing this product as part of the trial team. I have always been a big fan of moisturising body lotions so I was very keen to see what Dove had to offer. On opening the bottle you can smell the strong floral scent, which I quite liked and when applying you could still smell it too. It lathers up really well in a shower puff and had plenty bubbles to cover me twice over. It felt amazing on the skin and I even managed to shave my legs with it on. When rincing off, my skin felt so nice and clean but quite well moisturised. I used this product for 2 weeks while overseas in the europe summer and I never had any dry patches on my legs so I think it must add a lot of moisture to your body as I am lazy and sometimes forget to apply moisturiser daily. Overall I think this product does the job that it states on the bottle and with proceeds going to Breast Cancer - it is a great buy :)



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Very moisturising

I have used Dove body washes before but non of them was as nourishing as this one. After using it I felt like I don't need to apply moisturiser (and my skin is on the dry side). Most of the times I did, because I was afraid my skin will start to itch. But one time I wanted to apply self tanner so I skipped moisturiser and my skin felt soft as if I didn't. I found that you can get best results after exfoliating - it leaves the skin smooth and nourished. Also it lathers nicely so you don't need to use a lot to wash your body.

The only thing I am not crazy about is the scent. It's ok when you smell it in the bottle (quite sweet, floral scent) but on application it turns into kind of a soapy scent. Many Dove products are like that but it doesn't really bother me as long as it works. And this body wash does.

I will probably repurchase, especially that by doing so I will be supporting Cancer Foundation.


Works best after exfoliating your body.

Ideal for

everyday use.



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So moisturising for a body wash!

I received this body wash as part of the trial team, and boy was I impressed. I usually use bar soap, but after using this product, I think I am a cream body wash convert. I love the smell of it, the packaging is really pretty and feminine, and it lathers up so nicely, you don't need to use much at all to cover your whole body and have some bubbles left over. It smells very floral, but it doesn't leave any smell on your body once it's been washed off, which I'm glad about. It doesn't irritate my overly sensitive and dry skin, and it goes so well with the Dove Pink Shampoo and Conditioner, which smell very similar. I am proud to display this in my shower, and when I have guests, I hide it away and keep it all to myself! Mwa ha ha ha haaa! ;D

... I love this body wash!



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Love, love, love this!

This product looks gorgeous on the outside and what's inside is doubly beautiful! If apply the product straight to the skin, don't expect much lather. It feels like a conditioner for your skin and smells like strawberry milkshake with a hint of floral. If you are a fan of big bubbles like me, use a loofa and this product with foam up like no tomorrow. After using it for a week, every day, my skin feels softer and the harsh winter dryness is less visible. I love the fact that it's also a Breast Cancer Foundation product which means you are supporting a great cause whilst also benefiting. I recommend this product 100%!!



Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled

Not fond of scent

I've used a few Dove body washes and this is my least favourite because the scent does not appeal to me. I'm also not too fond of the lid/cap, which I find quite hard to open. I previously bought a Dove facial cleanser and the lid was also hard to open and it broke after a few uses. The product itself is like the other body washes in the Dove range - gentle on the skin without leaving that tight, dry feeling.



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Floral, Foamy, Fun!!!

So, first off, the packaging is so pretty and upon opening I was so surprised to see the product is also a pretty pink. Well it had me there! I was a little wary, when the directions said you only need a tiny, tiny amount but sure enough a 5 cent piece size gave me so much foamy goodness! Not a super strong scent, slightly floral. Left skin moisturised and seeing the tiny amount needed, super good value!



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Lovely body wash to wake up to

I am reviewing this product for the trial team and I have to say I am very impressed. I was so excited to try out a new body wash and the Dove Pink Nourishing Body Wash hasn't let me down.

When I got this product I thought the packaging was lovely, so elegant and feminine with pink and white as the colour scheme. I love how the packaging had logos for the Breast Cancer foundation to represent it's support.
When I opened this product I LOVED the smell, I don't usually go for floral scents but it has a sort of fruity twist that makes it nice and unique.

This product feels so creamy and indulging when you apply it in the shower and froths up into a nice lather, I loved how it felt washing it off too, my skin was squeaky clean. I like how easy the product is to use and how the bottle is quick to open and the perfect amount of product comes out every time.

Overall this product in little time has made my skin feel nourished as it says on the bottle, soft and smooth. I am really happy with the results and I will repurchase Dove Pink Body Wash.


Any woman.

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