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Extra Sensitive Beauty Bar

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Dove Extra Sensitive Beauty Bar contains ¼ moisturising cream to nourish, protect, and pamper dry, rough, or sensitive skin. It has a mild formula that is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and unscented, and is suitable for use in the shower everyday.

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Best soap and great for kids!

I've used every bar soap variety in the Dove range and I love them all. This one is just as good as all the others, it suds well, rinses off and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or stripped. The only difference I found with this one - it is as good as the original version, but without any fragrance. I have slightly sensitive skin, mostly around my face. I've never reacted with this. My husband suffers dry skin and has used this one with no issue and we've also used it on our children (ages 4 & 6). No issues for anyone. A really good, affordable bar soap.

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Lovely sensitive bars

Very nice bars with sensitive skin in mind. It is exactly like the normal bar, except without the smell. My skin still feels soft, hydrated and not dry at all. Great value for sensitive skins.



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pregnacy must have

I used this product while I was pregnant with my first two children and it stopped my skin from drying out and getting those stretch marks we all hate I didn't realise it was down to my beauty bar until I was not using it through my third pregnancy and I started seeing slight marks I started using it again and it kept my stretch marks at bay I love dove extra sensitive beauty bar :)



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Soft skin

This beauty bar doesn't irritate my skin or leave it dried out like most soaps do. It is a non-irritating soap but does a good job cleansing and making my skin feel soft. My skin is supple after using this soap. It is lightly scented but it is a pleasant scent. The soap bar feels creamy to the touch and bubbles up well while feeling creamy and soft on the skin. I would re-buy this soap as it is fantastic and gives me confidence that my skin is at its softest.



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Very good!

I have allergy's to different soaps and what not, and this is one of the few that does not irritate my skin. I'm sad that its not fragranced but that's probably why my skins all irritated a lot, otherwise its a very good product and it moisturizes so well.



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Best moisturising soap on the market!

A great soap for the lazy moisturiser and for those with sensitive skin. Lovely fresh scent, fine for men and women.



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I bought this product because I have sensitive skin and it was also reccomended. I was so shocked when I used it, it cleaned my skin, moisturised it and it felt so soft after using it. The soap also leaves your skin with a fairly nice scent!



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A Great Cleansing Bar That Doesn't Strip Or Dry Out Skin

The 100g beauty cream bar comes boxed.
It's used to cleanse sensitive skin and is fragrance free.
The bar has the same skin loving 1/4 moisturising cream in the formula just like others in the Dove Beauty Cream Bar range.
The bar is a creamy white shade.
It's curved and oval and has a small dove etched on top.
Even though it is fragrance free, it has a faint aroma that reminds me of cream.
It produces a light milky lather that feels smooth on skin.
It cleanses well without stripping skin of goodness and rinses easily from skin.
The gentle formula doesn't irritate or dry out my skin.
Keeps my skin feeling smooth and clean.
It's perfect for daily use to wash hands and body.
I was given the beauty cream bar to try.
It would be good for those who like fragrance free cleansers.
I personally like the original scented beauty bar variety.
I am lucky enough not to suffer with sensitive skin, so I have the choice.
If you do suffer sensitive skin the Extra Sensitive Beauty Bar variety might be worth a shot.
The Dove Beauty Cream Bars are budget friendly, affordable.

Made in Germany



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Lovely For Sensitive Skin Types!

My husband has fair, sensitive skin so I bought this for him to use and he seemed to like it! He uses it in the shower and sometimes I find myself also reaching for it. It has absolutely no scent so it doesn't upset the senses or get up your nose. Feels moisturising and lathers up very well. Very happy with this one!



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I love this Sensitive Dove soap it not only cleans my skin but leaves my skin moisturised. It cleans really well without irratating my skin and has a clean scent I dont know what it is but it is nice.

Ideal for

People with sensitive skin.

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