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Orange Blossom Body Wash

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A'kin Orange Blossom Body Wash is designed to energise and stimulate the mind and spirit. The fresh, delicate, sweet essence of orange blossoms are prized for brightening the spirit and calming the skin. Its light citrus floral fragrance combined with the gentlest and purest botanical cleansers, ensures your skin and mind will be refreshed.


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Gentle and refreshing!

If you love citrus fresh scents then you will love the orange blossom scent of this body wash, it's very subtle and not very overpowering... the scent does not linger after rinsing off.

The A'kin body wash is a gentle foaming body wash that builds up to good lather if used with a sponge or loofah. The pump packaging makes it very easy to dispense just the right amount of wash and the 500ml size is very generous and should last a very long time. You don't need a lot of product to produce a good foamy lather.

I like the fact that the body wash is non drying and also doesn't make my skin itch, it rinses off easily and doesn't leave any residue on your skin.

The fact that it is free of nasties like impurities and toxic preservatives is fantastic! It contains 100%natural botanical aromatherapy oils and A'kin is cruelty free and doesn't test on animals.

Overall a wonderful gentle body wash that leaves my skin soft, clean and healthy!



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Naturally Refreshing

As a general rule, I avoid Body Washes as they contain sulfates and parabens which can irritate my skin and make it itch.

A'kin Body Wash contains none of these or any other 'nasties' that are found in body washes. What it does contain is gentle and pure botanical cleansers - so gentle and pure that it's suitable for babies, children, the elderly and anyone with sensitive or fragile skin.

It has a lovely light citrus and floral fragrance including essential oils of orange, petitgrain, bergamot, mandarin and neroli. Only a small amount is needed to create a light lather and even the smaller 225ml bottle lasts a long time.

It cleans the body well without drying out the skin and the aroma is refreshing and uplifting without overpowering and the scent doesn't linger on the body, so wont clash with any lotions or perfume you use after.



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I love waking up with this body wash, it definitely improves my morning shower. I bought this as I was interested in more natural products and this body wash being free of nasties definitely delivers. It lathers up surprisingly well with a loofa hand the citrusy scent is zesty and uplifting. The perfect wake-me up!



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Wonderful scent!

This body wash smells amazing, light & super refreshing: perfect for morning showers. It feels really gentle on the skin & lathers up nicely, but not as much as other bodywashes I've used. This, however, is probably due to its more natural ingredients. It is really gentle on the skin & leaves you feeling really clean & refreshed.



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Smells divine

The burst of citrusy freshness is lovely to use in the shower in the mornings, it is very uplifting without being overpowering or too heady. It also has a lovely lather and best of all it leaves the skin feeling moisturised and not dry. It is a little pricey, so it would be something to use sparingly.



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Just gorgeous


I'd like to nominate this product for a Best in Beauty award. There are many cheaper body washes on the market, but they're filled with synthetic fragrances and chemicals. A'kin is a great Australian company that has given natural skin care lovers a body wash that is free of chemicals. The orange blossom used in A'kin's body wash smells authentic, and I find it to be really nurturing and uplifting.

If you are used to using body washes that are filled with chemicals and sulphates, then you may initially be disappointed with the A'kin range of body washes. They do not have the typical abundance of bubbles that you get with chemical-laden brands, and the formula of the body wash has an almost gel-like consistency. The A'kin body washes still give a decent amount of lather, but just not the same intensity of bubbles. I find it good to use a Manicare Exfoliating Glove to massage the A'kin body wash over my body. This seems to slightly enhance the lather.



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A must for your morning shower!

A tiny bit of this orange blossom bliss in your morning shower allows u too lather up to perfection, lifts your mood and leaves your skin feeling and smelling divine. Luv it!!

Lily Mei


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Beautiful fresh scent

A'kin Aromatherapy Orange Blossom Body Wash is a great product. Filled with natural, skin loving ingredients it is very refreshing and calming. It has the texture of a gel and foams up well. It is a little expensive for a body wash, but it is filled with essential oils and natural ingredients. It feels invigourating on the skin and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. I would certainly buy it again.

Ideal for

All skin types



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Excellent product from an Australian company

This body wash smells gorgeous, but the scent is more subtle than their jasmine body wash (my favourite in the range). I just love this company’s integrity in all of their products by not including nasty chemicals. Many natural body washes and shampoos don’t lather very well, but this body wash does lather enough to give a good result. However, someone that was used to using synthetic brands might be disappointed in this product’s amount of lather if they're used to having lots of bubbles.



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So nice!

A little goes a long way!

Use about a 10cent piece size for the entire body. The orange blossom scent is so sweet and fresh!


All skins. SLS free. Natural scent with aromatherapy oils makes this so good for mind, body and spirit.

I love a'kin!

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