Check out these top-performing deep heat creams and rubs for treating everything from arthritis pain to sports injury…

GOANNA Heat Cream
Treats muscle and joint pains, rheumatism and fibrosis and is ideal for use after sporting activity.

Tiger Balm Red
This muscle and joint pain reliever does double-duty as an itch-soothing ointment so you can use it on mozzie bites too. It’s a hugely popular deep heat rub that’s been on the market for ages and maintains it’s good name for good reason!

Metsal Heat Rub Cream
Use this deep heat rub if you’re plagued with strains associated with sporting activity. You can also apply it before strenuous physical activity to lessen muscular strain.

Arthro-Aid Direct arthritis Cream
This is the ideal specialised treatment cream for sufferers of arthritis pain. It’s formula of Glucosamine and shark cartilage helps to repair worn cartilage associated with arthritic pain and provides instant temporary relief.

Deep Heat Rub
One of the most popular products on the market for treating a plethora of muscle and joint complaints, Deep Heat Rub is a menthol based rub that brings instant temporary relief to strong muscular pain and it’s available from most good supermarkets and chemists.