So you’ve decided to get your loved one/bestie a massage voucher as a gift – but which one should you choose? Check out these massage options to see which body treatment is the right fit for them…

Swedish massage
Swedish massage is a popular massage technique that relies on a set of five different long, flowing massage strokes to treat pain, stiffness and promote circulation and feelings of relaxation, so it’s ideal for anyone who suffers from muscular issues or is particularly stressed and tense.

Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage is a type of therapeutic massage that focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. This is the perfect massage gift for a friend who regularly complains of having a stiff, tight neck and shoulders or suffers from lower back pain.

Full body massage
The most indulgent form of massage, a full body massage involves an all-over body treatment and is sometimes performed by two massage therapists to intensify the effects. It is deeply relaxing and great for anyone who needs a good old fashioned pampering.

Remedial massage
Remedial massage is a type of massage approach aimed at treating knotted, tense and damaged muscles. The massage therapist performing the massage will generally ask the participant about their muscular issues before beginning, then work out a plan for treating them, which could involve several sessions. Choose this type of massage for anyone who suffers from tennis elbow, arthritis, sports injuries, headaches or whiplash pain.