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Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel

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The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel contains horse chestnut to help stimulate the circulation when massaged into the skin and rejuvenate tired, heavy legs.


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Great for work!

Another product that I keep at work and at home - i like this on my legs if I've had to stand for a while as it helps take away any aches. Sometimes it's the time you take to look after yourself that helps (rather than the product), but I've used other products like this and this is my favourite. I also use this at home on my partner's legs, and he's a fan!
It's also nice on the kids, especially in summer, as the cooling effect is quite noticeable, and they love it. Their little squeals of delight are adorable when I rub this on their legs - my little niece says it's like "Running through the sprinkler, but only my legs"!



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Fresh & Cool On Application

I had quite high hopes for this product but I wouldn't buy it again as I've found it only really feels nice when applying it and the cooling effect doesn't stick around for more than a few minutes. It could just be me though. I love the colour and the idea of it. Comparably I've found more effective products for my own legs.

It's a gel that sinks in quite quickly and smells pepperminty and feels nice and cool. It could be perfect for those with sensitive skin as I didn't find it overly strong.



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Fantastic and cooling leg gel

This contains peppermint and is specially for legs. I love the cooling factor of the peppermint which instantly revives and cools my tired feet. But, because of this, I can only use this in the summer because it really makes my legs a bit too cool.


Its a great way to relax and pamper yourself. It is scented perfectly to help me relax after a day's work or when I have been out walking all day. It isnt a moisturiser, so I still have to use lotion to nourish my feet.

Ideal for

Anyone who wants a special treat for cooling and relaxing their tired feet and legs will adore this product. It is a gel and goes on cooly. It can also be applied to the calves to cool the leg and I find this very relaxing.



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Relaxing pain relief

I keep this in my fridge at home, so after a long day of work and running after my son I apply it to my calves to relieve muscle pain.
It works well and smells great too, the refreshing smell you need as a pick me up late in the afternoon or to clear your mind before bed.

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