Are you a bit of an over-indulger? Do you like to treat yourself to treats when you’ve had a hard day? You sound like you need to visit our swap shop. You know, the place that allows you to enjoy the foods you love – in moderation – or in a healthier version that will eliminate the guilt from meal times.

Sound like a sanctuary? Oh it is! And it’s far easier than you think. We’re not fans of calorie-counting around here, but if you are interested in looking at the numbers, then you should really take a look at the items listed in our snacking swap shop.

The indulgence: A bag of chips
Swap for: A handful of unsalted nuts
The saving: Up to 100 calories

The indulgence: Full cream milk latte
Swap for: Skim milk latte
The saving: Around 80 calories

The indulgence: A bottle of beer
Swap for: A glass of white wine
The saving: 60 calories (or more, if you opt for a low-cal wine)

The indulgence: A double choc-chunk cookie
Swap for: A chocolate digestive biscuit
The saving: Around 100 calories!

The indulgence: A can of soft drink
Swap for: A glass of low-cal cordial or diet soft drink
The saving: 100 calories!

The indulgence: Takeaway fish & chips
Swap for: Oven baked chips and grilled fish
The saving: Over 300 calories!

The indulgence: A bag of lollies
Swap for: Super-sweet fresh raspberries
The saving: Up to 300 calories!

TOTAL SAVING = 1,040 Calories!!!
Not bad for a few simple (and equally tasty) swaps!



What are your favourite healthy food swaps? Would you swap any of the above?