Perk up before you get run down

18 Oct 2010 05:00 AM | Posted by bh's Olivia Mackinnon
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Have you got one of those friends that (annoyingly) never gets sick? They work all week, go out most nights, don’t sleep on the weekend, and then by Monday morning they’re ready to do it all again?
I’ve got one like that – and finally, her partying ways have gotten the better of her.

After a few solid months of non-stop partying (following a messy break-up), my friend’s frivolous ways have finally come to a halt as she’s come down with a bad case of tonsillitis. Not the end of the world you might say? No, probably not – she’s had an entire week off work, and should normally be on the mend by now – but she’s definitely not – in fact she’s worse than ever.

She’s accumulated a mouth full of around 15 mini ulcers that are driving her absolutely bonkers! This is purely due to the fact that she is so unbelievably run-down, her body is teaching her a good lesson about how to treat it, or inevitably face the consequences.

I’ve told my dear friend, there are a few tips she can take up right now – and a few she should keep in mind the next time she fancies a few weeks of non-stop partying…

Right now:

- Rest. Your body needs a break. It’s important to let your batteries recharge and your body recoup.
- Get some zinc into you! Whether it be oysters, lamb or peanuts, ulcers often mean your body needs some   zinc, stat!
- SM-33 Gel. This gel is well known for its ability to numb any irritation you may get from these nasties.

In the future:

- Get your eight hours every night – and if you do happen to get less (say, on a Saturday night) don’t make a habit of doing it two or three nights in a row, or your body will punish you for it.
- Drink plenty of water. It seems obvious, but it can seriously affect the way you feel the next day if you have a late night out!
- Take time out to relax. It doesn’t have to always be go, go, go. If you skip a dinner with a friend one night because you’re exhausted, they’ll understand – there’s always next week!
- Don’t let yourself get stressed. If you find yourself becoming stressed out, or grinding your teeth, do something nice for yourself, like a facial or a massage, to avoid becoming worn out and seriously ill.

Olivia x
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