How-to: stick to your detox

30 Jan 2012 08:23 AM | Posted by bh'sLeanne
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So you’ve tried detoxing a few times but it just never seems to stick. Your problem could be less an issue of will power than you think. Knowing how to detox successfully is all about having the right game plan. Here’s how to rethink your approach and get that detox plan to stick, once and for all…

Don’t do things by extremes
The phrase: ‘diet starts tomorrow’ needs to be banned from the English language because it’s one of the most destructive things a person can say when it comes to getting healthy. Thinking you’ll go the ‘all or nothing’ way generally leads to binging on junk in the lead-up to your diet then suffering huge withdrawals as a result, so rather than trying to go from one extreme to another, try cutting the junk food out of your diet slowly first, to get into detox mode.

Don’t try to live on rabbit food
Trying to convince yourself that munching on raw celery sticks and lettuce leaves all day will be satisfying is just deluding yourself. Make healthy food flavoursome by adding healthy, natural sauces and spices. Try celery with hummus dip and mix fresh fruit with yoghurt for a tasty treat, your detox plan will suddenly seem a whole lot less frightening!

Set realistic goals
Don’t set yourself up for failure by having unrealistic expectations. Rather than going on a detox to lose tonnes of weight, do it to get healthy, that way any weight loss you make will be a bonus and you’ll feel much less pressured when you’re endeavouring to start your detox plan.

Reward yourself
Plan a reward for yourself for reaching the end of your detox plan – whether it’s going on a fun trip with friends or indulging at a day spa, then whenever you feel tempted to give up use it as encouragement to give yourself the extra boot up the butt to keep going!