Veet - EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit


EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit

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Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit comes with a handy wax cartridge that clicks into a self heating applicator, which warms the wax to the right temperature every time. The design of the roll-on applicator ensures clean, thin layers of wax are dispensed for total and even coverage with every application. Once applied you simply remove wax in a swift and fluid motion using the reusable wax strips provided. Then simply remove wax residue with a finish wipe that’s also provided. Formulated with the same ingredients used for professional waxing, the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit removes hair from the root at first application and is effective on hair as short as 2mm. It is specially formulated with natural beeswax for all skin types, including sensitive and leave skin feeling moisturised and smooth for up to four weeks. There are two types of refills available. One for the legs and another for the bikini and underarms.



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Great Results, but....

I bought this product as I was looking for an alternative to the pre-waxed strips I normally use and the advertisement made it look fun, quick and easy! However it was neither of the three!

The information leaflet says after 20mins your wax will be ready to apply. After 20mins nothing came out, I waited another 5mins as the leaflet states, still nothing..After an hour of heating up we were ready to go!

The wax applies in a thick layer that somewhat resembles a melted crayon. After following the instructions on use, the hair remained. I found though if i applied two coats of wax, one on top of the other, then applied the strip, smoothed for 30 seconds then pulled off the strip, all the hair was removed. This is somewhat time consuming.

I read that others were having trouble removing excess wax from their legs with the aftercare wipe, I used the used wax strips to remove excess wax and then used the wipe which removed anything that was left. My legs are undoubtedly smooth, silky and hairless but the device does take a lot of getting use to and can simply be a case of trail and error. It could benefit from a light that told you when the wax was ready and more strips, or better yet, reusable cotton strips (much better for the environment!)


It's an ideal product for experienced waxers but I wouldn't recommend it for novices.

Ideal for

I will continue to use this product and hopefully now I know what to expect the next use should be a more positive one!



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Bad so far

My Grammy bought this system for me and I just tried my under arms and bikini area with it and it didn't work, it pulled a few hairs out but that was it, i tried reapply and waxing it about 5 times and still only pulling a few hairs out, I did try this wax on my Grammies legs and it worked beautifully I still have to try it on mine, but for under arms and bikini area it's not good at all, I also have tried tons of other bikini waxes and they've never worked for me, nothing much seems to work for my bikini area and under arms!



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Well i bought this electric roll on and was very excited. After i bought this i thought lets see its review online. It was rather Scary to see bad reviews after purchasing the product. Since i'd already purchased it i was left with no choice. I tried it and found its not that bad. From the reviews i already knew the electric heater is slow so instead of using electric heater i put this refill in microwave for 3 minutes and it worked. I was waxing myself for the first time. Being novice it was not hard to use Veet roll on. The strips were good and so were the wipes. I am satisfied with this product.


Lets face it, i had a hard growth and it pulled out maximum hair without much pain.

Ideal for

I will give 3 stars to Veet Roll on.



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This is the worst wax I have ever used, it doesn't affectively remove the hair and for the price you pay you expect a good product. This is not a good product.
I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RESPONSE FROM VEET: Hi Liz701, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experience using Veet’s Electrical Roll-On Kit! We would love to speak to you to discuss your concerns as your feedback is really important. Please contact our Consumer Relations Department on 1800 226 766 (Aust) or alternatively, please send us your details at so we can contact you.



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Takes the skin off and leaves red sore marks

This is a terrible wax. It has a melted plastic consistency which does not effectively remove the hair. In addition it leaves red scarring marks which are very sore after finishing. You cannot remove the wax from your skin very well, not even with the oil wipes provided. It definitely does not come off with soap. Definitley not to buy until the wax used in this apparatus is changed. I want my money back!!!



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Excellent, east to use

This really is an ideal waxing solution! Easy to use, nice thin layer of wax, then remove with the strips provided. The wipes to use afterwards are also great, removing any residue.


Found it easier to use with an extension cord.

Ideal for

Have used it on entire body, excellent!



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Not as easy as advertised!

I wax very often and am always on the lookout for new products to make things easier...this is not one.

I liked the idea of having the wax contained in a roller but that was about the only positive I could find. It took much longer than the recommended 20 minutes to heat up and I had to keep re-heating it while waxing. I found it didn't grip the hair very well and only removed about half so I had to keep going over the same area several times.

The product says that it's good for 3-4 uses but doesn't include enough strips for that, especially if you have to keep going over the same area like I did. And unlike some waxes, it isn't water soluble, so you have use the greasy little after care wipes included. There are only 4 in the pack so good luck trying to get all that wax off!

To top it all off, I ended up with some nasty looking bruises and red patches on my legs, which has never happened before.

I normally really like Veet and I use their other products all the time. This is just one that won't be making my list! RESPONSE FROM VEET: Hi Beauty_lover22, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experience using the Veet Easy-Wax Electrical Roll On Kit! We would love to speak to you to discuss your concerns as your feedback is really important to us and we will be able to recommend another Veet product. Please contact our Consumer Relations Department on 1800 226 766 (Aust) or alternatively, please send us your details at so we can contact you.



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Happy to trial it but will not purchase

I got this kit from BH to try and I was very excited because I have never self-waxed before. So it comes with a self heating device, a wax refill, a charger, 12 strips and 4 perfect finish wipes (to remove wax residues).

The instructions were fairly easy to follow. I followed the instructions considering how it was my first time waxing myself. So firstly, I heated the wax by putting the wax refill into the plugged heating device for a few minutes more than the 20 minutes stated on the instructions. I would estimate it to be around 23 minutes. I tried rolling it onto my leg without any success.

The instructions said to wax it for at least an additional 5 minutes if the wax did not roll easily on to the skin. So back it went to heat for another 10 minutes. This time, it rolled out coral pink wax. It was not the thin wax I was visualizing- like wax that has been melted, but rather thick wax that was not melted properly. I was not sure if that was right but I went ahead to roll it on since hey, I did follow instructions.

The instructions say to immediately place the strip over the layer of wax and rub the strip repeated over the wax in the direction of hair growth. I did that. And the next step is to very quickly pull the strip. I did that but to my surprise, nothing came out. So I put the strip back onto the waxed part. I left it on and rubbed the strip and pulled it off. STILL NOTHING HAPPENED. My leg hairs were still in place.

Not to be deterred, I put the strip back onto the waxed part and went ahead to roll on the wax onto another part of my leg. I put a clean strip and rubbed it in the direction of my hair growth. Seeing how the instructions were silent as to how long I should leave the strip on the wax before pulling it off and that my first try did not work, I left it on while rubbing it for a few minutes before trying to pull it. NOTHING CAME OUT.

I was getting discouraged but I put the 2nd strip back on the 2nd patch, rubbed it and tried my 3rd time with my 3rd strip on the 3rd patch. Nothing came out.

At the end of the day, my hair legs were still there. I tried repeating the steps to no avail. Even though there were no hairs attached onto the strips, it still hurt to pull the strips from the waxed parts of my legs.

The kit is meant to be good for 4 uses but honestly, I do not think that there are enough strips and perfect finishing wipes for 4 uses. It would take 3-4 strips per leg depending on how much leg surface area you have. Also, the wax is a pain to remove. 4 perfect finish wipes are not enough. Imagine those wet wipes you get from KFC. That is what the wipes reminded me of. It is slightly bigger or around the same size as a KFC wet wipe. Note that you can not use water to remove the wax and the instructions states that you need to use the perfect finish wipe or the back of a used strip to remove it.

I had to go back to my trusty razor to do the deed. I am giving it 2 stars because I am taking the following into consideration: I am unsure if I am doing something wrong or if the instructions are just dodgy or that the product itself is not good.



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A salon wax at home!

Thank you to the lovely BH team for sending me this product to trial.

I've always used wax strips and this electrical version seemed super exciting and fancy.

The kit comes with all that you need, including cotton strips, waxing unit, wipes and 50ml wax refill. It's very easy to set-up and once you have the cable plugged it, the unit starts to heat. I left the unit in for over 45 minutes, as I found that the wax was more evenly heated and could spread more easily.

On application, the wax applied smoothly with the roller applicator and it was a peach/coral colour that was easy visible. This was great as you can see where you've applied the wax and also see where the residue is. Following this, I used the cotton strip to quickly remove the wax against the direction of hair growth.

The wax was very effective at removing hair and left the skin smooth and fuzz free, with no irritation. The wipes were great at removing the residue but I found that baby oil was an excellent substitute once you have run out. The only qualm was that there weren't enough strips, particularly at the strips aren't reusable and most people would be waxing large areas (e.g legs) at a time.

Veet's Electrical Roll-On Kit is a wonderful option for those who want a heated salon wax that they can achieve it home. It's economical and easy accessible - and a great option for beginners!



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Hair removal face-off trial review

I am lucky enough to be part of this trial, thank you BH!

First of all, the packaging is quite nice and compact. The pack contains a pink chargeable self-heating device, a legs/arms wax refill cartridge, a charging cable, non-woven strips and finish wipes. The instructions say insert the cartridge into the device and put it on charge for 20 minutes. But as other BH reviewers have pointed out, 20 minutes isn't enough. I used the waxing kit 2 days in a row, the first day I charged it for a little over an hour, and the second day almost 2 hours - and I must say with 2 hours' charging it worked much better.

The wax itself doesn't smell. On the first day I used the waxing kit, I tested on a palm-sized patch on my forearm to ensure there would be no allergy reactions. On the second day I waxed both my forearms (I would have used on my legs but I had shaved them the day before receiving the waxing kit)

I've never waxed before as I thought waxing is too harsh on my sensitive skin and I have always shaved only. The waxing scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin came to mind (I assure you I'm not THAT hairy)...I couldn't bring myself to wax my own arms so I got my husband to wax me, and this is not as kinky as it sounds! Anyway, the wax applied quite thick on my skin, and I cut the non-woven strips in half as I found smaller strips are easier to work with. The pain wasn't so bad, it did leave my skin slightly red but that's only normal. I'm happy with the waxing result. It was easy to clean up with the finish wipes.

Overall this waxing kit is user-friendly and I am happy with the product. As mentioned before this is my first waxing experience and it will take some time to get used to. But I will be happy to use this kit again!

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