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Lumea IPL hair removal system

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Philips LUMEA uses intense pulsed light (IPL), the latest advanced technology used by the professional beauty industry for hair removal adapted for use at home. Gentle pulses of light are applied directly to the hair, resulting in the follicle going into a resting phase and shedding naturally. A simple and gentle treatment once every two to four weeks prevents new hair from growing back, ensuring beautifully smooth and ready to reveal skin every day and all year round. LUMEA features five adjustable light settings, ensuring a gentle and optimum treatment across a wide variety of skin tones and hair colours while an integrated UV filter and advanced safety controls provide maximum protection for skin. 
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Absolutely brilliant!

Thank you so much to Philips and BH for sending me this product to trial.

Now, when it comes to hair, I'm pretty much like a garden hedge, particularly on my underarms and bikini line (hope that wasn't too much information). I usually wax/shave and I've never tried any electronic hair removal device like IPL - so I was so excited to trial this one out.

The Philips Lumea is shaped like a hair dryer, easy and ergonomic to hold. It has a storage pouch that protects the machine from debris and damage. Now the Lumea IPL machine has several settings depending on the colour of your hair and skin. I have black hair with light skin and went for the 4/5 setting. Please note that this machine is unfortunately not suitable for light hair eg. grey, blonde, red etc as it uses melanin (or pigmentation of your hair) to absorb light, thus making the hair removal effective.

The machine has two different sized attachments for the light machine, which is great if you want to treat more precisely eg. upper lip/chin area. Once the machine is charged, I place the Lumea perpendicular to freshly shaved skin, and once the light on the machine goes green, I know its ready to go. It then emits a quick flash of light after I pull the trigger. It isn't painful but does feel warm. I overlapped each area that I did to ensure that there were no missed hairs.

I used this on my legs, underarm and bikini area 4 times (2 week intervals) and I've noticed a dramatic reduction in hair growth. It has also eliminated the incidence of ingrown hair and shaving stubble - which is so liberating! Overall I've been delighted with the results as I really don't need to worry about defuzzing on a daily basis.

Pricewise, the Philips Lumea is a true investment..Obviously the price goes well into four figures, but I did a little research and most IPL sessions can cost anywhere between $80-$100, requiring 10+ sessions for maintenance etc. Keeping that in mind, this machine would be able to treat your body far in excess of 12 times, which means that the initial outlay is well compensated with the longevity of treatment that the machine delivers.

I would highly recommend the Philips Lumea - its a cutting-edge, innovative machine that will please every hair-removal-aficianado - definitely check this one out!



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Smooth & Hairless Skin in no time!

The Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system is an amazing machine that is worth every cent!
If you are looking for a quick and effective machine to do IPL at home then the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system is exactly what you need. I have been amazed by the results from using the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system and how easy it has been to use.
I have had one professional IPL treatment at a salon (over 12 months ago) and although the lady was lovely I didn’t feel very comfortable. To be able to do IPL treatments myself in the comfort of my own house is amazing; you can do it in your own time.
The instructions are extremely easy to follow and the machine is very easy to use. The actual handheld device resembles a scanner device that is quite light weight and easy to hold and use effectively on any part of the body. I am from European heritage so I am quite hairy and I tan quite easily. I started on level 2 and have worked my way up to comfortably use level 4 and 5 without even feeling a tingling sensation. Different areas of your body require different light settings so make sure you start low and slowly make your way up to the level setting you are comfortable with on that area of your body.
Before using the machine you need to shave the areas you wish to use the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system on. Do not wax and it isn’t to be used if you have just had a hot bath/shower.
It’s simple to use the machine, you place the actual IPL machine flat against the skin and wait for the light to turn green, then you press the button and the machine emits a red flash of light, you then move to the next part or your skin and wait for the green light.
If you have any moles in an area that you are want to use the IPL machine over you need to buy a white pencil. I have a mole located in my arm pit and used a white pencil to cover the area before zapping the area.

This machine is well worth the investment. There are two different attachments 1: Body attachment & 2: Precision attachment. The body attachment I use for legs, navel, underams and arms. The precision attachment I use for sensitive areas such as bikini and upper lip.

Using the machine does need your complete focus to ensure you cover all areas that you are targeting, I don’t suggest that you do it while watching TV or distracted by something else. I like to listen to music. The better your focus, the better the results that you will get.
After the second treatment I noticed that hair growth definitely slowed down and felt smoother for a few extra days. I have just completed my third treatment with the Lumea IPL hair removal system and I am seeing great results with less hair and slower growth.
I use it all over my body legs, bikini area, navel, underarms, arms, upper lip and side burns. I have learnt to use both attachments comfortably.
The machine can do up to 370 flashes between charges. So I do my both my legs on Saturday and then most of the battery is used up. Then on Sunday I do my arms, underarms, bikini area, face and navel area. The battery takes a little over an hour and a half to recharge.
I would happily recommend this Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system to anyone. It provides effective results and is really easy to use. The price is quite steep but a worthwhile investment if you think about how much treatments at a professional salon would cost you.


- Read the instructions before starting the Philips LUMEA hair removal system
- Ensure you have shaved carefully before using the system
- Use a white pencil on any moles that you might zap the machine over
- Take your time and ensure you hit all areas accurately

Ideal for

Any woman (or man) who wants a long term permanent hair reduction solution that is easy to use and can be done in the comfort of their own home.



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Pretty good results

The Phillips Lumea Precision Plus IPL Hair Removal System comes nicely packaged in a box with another outer package.

The contents include:
- Lumea device
- Body attachment
- Precision attachment
- Instruction booklet/manual
- Quick Start Guide
- 2 Year Warranty Slip
- Charger
- Pouch
- Cleaning cloth

What is IPL?
IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it uses a light technology to effectively remove body hair with long lasting results. It began in the professional beauty market but now this technology has been adapted so that it is safe to be used in the comfort of your own home.

To give you a better understanding of how IPL works, it is important to cover the phases in which our hair grows and how IPL inhibits hair growth.

1. Growing Phase (Anagen Phase) – Hair grows from the roots. The Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of the hair and only hair in this phase are susceptible to treatment with light.
2. Degradation Phase (Catagen Phase) – Hair growth stops and the root shrinks before the hair sheds
3. Resting Phase (Telogen Phase) – The old hair separates from its hair follicle and sheds. The follicle remains at rest until it becomes active again and new hair is grown.

This device essentially works by heating up the hair and root beneath the skin. The light technology stimulates the hair to go into the Resting Phase, causing hair to shed in between treatments and therefore slowing and inhibiting hair regrowth. It is recommended that you use this once every two weeks for the initial 4 to 5 sessions and subsequently repeat treatments as required.

There is a chart on the back of the box and also in the Instruction booklet detailing how to check whether the ILP is suitable for you. In summary, it is suitable for those with white to dark brown skin tone (excluding brownish black and darker skin tone) and those with dark blond to black hair (excluding those with white/grey, red and light blond hair). It is also recommended that one does a patch test and allow 24hours to see if there are any skin reactions/irritations before proceeding with the treatment.

The device:
The device is white and light grey and feels like a quality, durable product. The main components of the device include:
- Integrated UV filter light exit window
- Attachments (body and precision)
- Safety ring with contact switches
- Flash button
- Intensity increase and decrease buttons and lights
- “Ready to flash” light

The body attachment is suitable for larger areas below the neck such as the arms and legs and the precision is ideal for the face such as the upper lip, chin and sideburns.

How to Use:
The Quick Start Guide is helpful for quick reference on how to operate the device. Essentially the first step is to shave the areas you wish to treat.

To use, you simply:
- Turn the device on
- Press the intensity/decrease button to the desired level
- Place the device in a 90 degree angle on the skin, pressing it with slight pressure to ensure that the attachment and safety ring are in contact and that the “Ready to flash” indicator is illuminated
- Press the flash button to release a pulse of light
- Next either keep the flash button pressed (so that the device releases flash after another as long as the safety ring is in full contact with the skin) or let go of the flash button after each flash and place the device on the next area and repeat step 3

To ensure no areas are missed, it is recommended that there be some overlap with the previously treated area when you move onto the next area. As instructed, it is also helpful to use a white eyeliner pencil to mark lines with approx 3cm width down the area you wish to treat to help guide where you place the device and to keep track of which areas have been treated. It is important that you should not treat the same area twice as this can increase skin reactions/irritations.

After Treatment Precautions
- Do not apply any perfumed lotions/cosmetics/deodorants to the treated areas immediately after treatment
- Wait at least 24hours before you expose treated areas to the sun
- Apply 30+ sunscreen in the two weeks after treatment

My Treatments:
I used this device 3 times on my upper lip, chin, arms, underarm, stomach, bikini line and legs. For the face areas, I kept the intensity at level 2, 3 for the underarm and 4/5 for the rest of the body areas. The device is pretty easy to use but it is also quite heavy and I found that some areas were harder to treat as I had trouble trying to get the device to be in full contact with the skin. I had to apply firm pressure and sometimes the device would dig into the skin/bone. When you release a flash, I could feel the heat of the light and there was just a slight discomfort (but not painful). The light flash is also quite bright so I had to look away.

Overall Impression:
Only having used this device for 3 sessions, I have already noticed the slower regrowth of hair and am pretty impressed. Whilst I also find this treatment to be more time consuming and harder to use than an epilator, this is perhaps a better option for those seeking a more permanent hair removal solution. I would recommend this device as it’s proven to give pretty effective and fast results (after just 3 sessions).



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Good so far

I was very lucky and honoured to be selected for the trial team for this product.
I've been using it on my underarms as part of the trial, because this is an area of fairly dense growth and any progress within the limited time frame for the review to be done would be more apparent.

The unit itself is fairly weighty, but not uncomfortable. Its rechargable, so it doesn't require batteries, and comes with a quick start guide as well as a full manual. There are two 'caps' available for use - the bigger one to cover bigger areas and the smaller one for smaller and more sensitive areas. It seems that it can be used anywhere on your body, aside from anything above the nose (i.e. don't do anything near your eyes!). It was easy to hold, quite ergonomic despite the weight, although I admit to having help when using it on my armpits. Its supposed to be used once every two weeks, and it can take around 4-5 uses before progress is made.

A bit about me - i'm quite fair skinned, asian and warm toned, with dark hair. I seem to be the ideal candidate for the IPL product.

My results so far - I admit that i only managed to get three uses in before submitting my review today, as opposed to the 4 or 5 that I wanted. However, I got some great results! There is a significant difference in the regrowth levels. I didn't expect it at all! It was very noticeable. I'm really looking forward to getting to my sixth blast and seeing how often i need to shave after that.

All in all, if you meet the demographic I highly recommend giving this unit a go. I know the RRP is quite pricey and that it would be a barrier to purchasing, but I have recently seen it around on sale, significantly discounted so look around before purchasing and you might get a good deal.

Thanks again to BH for giving me the opportunity to trial this product, as always. You guys are the best.



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The ultimate hair removal method!

I was so so lucky to receive this as a trial product, and i am so grateful to beautyheaven for this unbelievable opportunity!

The device is very light and portable. It recharged after a few hours, and I recharge before each session.
The instructions are very clear and simple, and it is so easy to use. The device is easy to handle and manoeuvre, and I like how the on/off button and level button are away from the trigger button, so you don't end up accidentally pressing the off button or anything.
I liked the two different nozzles, a precise one for underarms and a larger one for large areas like legs.
It looks very sleek and nice, and the travel bag is very handy for travel!

I have had laser treatments on my underarms, and did some research beforehand, so I was already familiar with how it worked. I was slightly apprehensive about how it would feel, but was not too worried because I was sure an at-home device would not be as powerful as the clinic laser!

For the treatments:
I have used this three times for my underarms and legs.
I had already had laser treatments for my underarms but the hairs had grown back, albeit very very fine.
After the first treatment with the Lumea, my underarm hair pretty much did not grow back, though i kept using it again every two weeks (as instructed). i think i'll keep up the laser treatments every month from now on, just to make sure the hairs stay away.
On my legs, the hairs grew back after a week after the first treatment (which took longer than after shaving), and after the second treatment they took even longer to grow back, and were noticeably more sparse. After the third treatment, there were even less hairs, and i'm sure with continual treatments they'll disappear like my underarm hairs.
I am Asian with fair skin, so I used Level 4 for underarms (because they're more sensitive) and Level 5, the highest setting, for my legs. At the more sensitive areas like my inner thighs, I felt a light tingle, but other than a warmth, there was no other sensation.

It takes about 10 minutes for my underamrs and legs, I just use it watching TV so it's not bothersome at all.


Although quite expensive, this is an excellent investment for someone who is looking for permanently hair removal.
I would not like to try it for my upper lip as I would need to shave it first!
I am extremely happy with this product and will use this til it falls to bits!



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Promising Initial use

The Philips Lumea IPL device is most effective on dark hair and fair skin but this device also works for dark blond hairs and medium olive to medium brown skin tones. Before using Lumea you should check the light intensity recommendation table to see what light intensity is suitable for your skin tone and hair type.

The Lumea comes with two manuals, a quick start guide, a longer full manual. I did read both initially but later found the quick start guide very useful as it has a recommended light intensity table, and illustrated instructions covering skin preparation, application techniques, after skin care tips and a table at the to keep track on when you have used it and the area you have treated.

Patch test- I highly recommend doing a patch test for the first 48 hours on two different spots on the area you wish to treat. When I used Lumea on myself I used lower than recommend settings for the patch test initially. 2 for the underarm and 3 for the leg and then after waiting 24 h to how the lower setting reacted with my skin- This was ok so I went one round of patch testing this time with level 4 on my legs and level 3 for my underarm and bikini area.

Tan – it is recommended to wait 48 hours after sunbaking or solarium tanning before using the lumea and waiting at least 24 hours after using the Lumea as the device makes your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

As you have to shave the areas before using the light I decided in the end only to do my legs, underarms and bikini line. – I wasn’t sure that if the device was not permanent hair regrowth may be worse in some areas. – So I decided to trial this product on areas that are usually shaved and compare the results with regular wet shaving (hair regrowth 2-3 days).

The Lumea is very simple to use, and the instructions easy to follow. First just shave the area to be treated then turn on the device at the desired intensity level.

I used intensity level #4 on my legs and #3 underarm and bikini line. For the legs I used the larger body attachment and changed to the precision attachment for the underarms and bikini line as these are more sensitive areas. You then place the device at a 90 degree onto the skin and when proper contact is made the ready light will light up green at the back of the appliance and you press the large inner “trigger light” button. The device will then emit a bright pulse of light on your skin but don’t worry this light is harmless to your eyes.

It is not necessary to wear goggles. However it does get annoying for other people in the room, and I don’t recommend doing it while watching tv with others! And if you find it annoying too wear sunglasses if you want.

- There are two modes of application.
- 1) the slide and flash mode- This is for legs and larger area. Keep the trigger button pushed in and slowly slide the device, up down or across and area you wish to treat. This method was great for treating the legs both took around 15 minutes first time.
- 2) The step and flash mode – this is for more precise area such as the underarm, upper lip, bikini line, and for around the knees. Let go of the trigger button and move device to next area adjacent to the area just treated and continue until the treatment area has been covered.

The visible light produced by the appliance of a reflection of the flash on the skin and is harmless to your eyes. It is not necessary to wear goggles. The light however does get annoying for other people, and I don’t recommend doing it while watching tv with others! And if you find it annoying too wear sunglasses if you want.

What I really liked first time using is that device did not hurt at all, It just felt warm like a lamp on my skin. I was really impressed and I have high hopes that this device is better alternative than painful waxing or tedious shaivng for hair removal!



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Easy to use

The Philips Lumea was very easy to use. The first thing I did was read the instructions through and found it very clear and helpful. The device itself is very user friendly, not too heavy to use. No annoying cords and once you charge it, it lasts for an entire session of arms, legs, face before you need to recharge. It takes 1 hour and 40 mins to fully charge it.So was very convenient could do it while watching TV too. It has two attachments one for the face area which is smaller in size and a larger attachment for the rest of the body.
You need to shave the area to be treated before use. Then adjust to the intensity you require and is comfortable. Place the device on your skin and when the device is securely placed completely flat on the skin, a green light comes on and then you press the trigger like button to release the flash of light. The flash of light was pretty strong and needed to shut my eyes or avert them when flashing.
The intensity levels go up to 5. I used it at 3-4 on my face and underarms and 4 on the rest of my body.
There was a slight discomfort but much less than waxing! There was minimal redness which faded away in 30 min or so. You are not supposed to apply any face creams or treatments for 24 hours after using the device. While my skin felt very dry it was just for 24 hours so not too bad.
Results -
Have used the Philips Lumea Three times now and have had varying results on different parts of my body.
Face - The hair on my chin has stopped growing back completely now, however the hair on my upper lips is still growing back but has thinned down a lot compared to before and the rate of growth is much slower compared to waxing.
Hands - After just 2 uses my hands are completely hair free and smooth! So very happy with the Philips Lumea on my hands!
Legs/Bikini line - The hair growth has thinned considerably and there are some areas which are completely hair free while the hair is still growing back in others albeit much finer in structure. I find that the hair growth is more along the front bone but absent on the rest of the legs completely. So am hoping with a few more uses it stops growing back!
Overall very happy with the product and shall keep updating if the hair growth stops completely on the areas where it is still growing back.
You are supposed to use it for 2 months that is 4 uses before seeing results and it has been only 3 uses so far.
After 2 months you need to use it every 4-8 weeks or as hair growth occurs.


The finer your hair growth is the more effective it is and faster results. I have pretty sensitive skin and had no bad reactions at all.
It cannot be used by those with white/red/grey or light blond hair and very dark skin.



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Great machine!

First of all thank you so much to bh for giving me the opportunity to trial Philips Lumea IPL Hair removal system.

The system it self is quite solid.. it's not heavy but it feels solid. It sort of look like a hair dryer. To fully charge the machine for its first use didn't take too long, probably only a couple of hours.

Before I used it I did a test patch behind my legs and on the sensitive areas of my legs and I didn't get any reaction.on the test patches.
Using the actual machine is quite easy. You need to check the intensity settings in the manual which will depend on your skin colour. Then you need to position the machine on your skin and the head needs to be in full contact and a green light lights up and you can press the trigger to flas hthe area. You can either click one a a time or hold on to the trigger and slide it on the skin to do a continuous flashing. Flashing the light on the skin is not painful but at times I did feel a bit of tinggling or a slight prickling sensation but these must be on the skin where it was a bit more sensitive and it felt warm too.

I have used it twice so far just on my legs and so far I can see that it's working because my hair growth is slowing down so I am very satisfied with the results.



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Getting better results with each treatment

I have been using the Philips Lumea IPL for about a month now after being lucky enough to be selected as part of the BH trial team.

I have had IPL done professionally before, so I was a bit nervous as I found the professional treatment a little painful (on face). I needn't have worried!

The Lumea is really easy to use. There are not a whole heap of different attachments and the instructions help to make it so easy.

After reading the instruction manual as soon as it arrived I got straight into it. You are required to shave the area that you are wanting to treat - so first stop was my legs. I have pale skin with light brownish hair - so started with a combination of the 4 and 5 settings.

The device is really easy to hold and is similar to a scanning gun that you see in the shops. You simply hold the device flat against the skin until you see the green light illuminate before pressing the trigger button. There is a light flicking sensation against the skin and quite a bright flash of light.

It does take quite a while to do a complete treatment on the legs as it is such a large area and the are that the Lumea covers is about 3 cm x 1cm.

The instructions say to use it every 2 weeks, so I have had around 3 treatments in total so far. The best results I am seeing are around my bikini area where the hair is growing back much more sparsely. So far the areas that I have treated include legs, underarms and bikini.

The Lumea is a completely rechargable device that does hold its charge (long enough to do both legs + underarms before needing to be recharged). It comes in the packaging with a pouch that enables tidy storage (fits all components - charger etc) - with the device only measuring around 20 x 10 cm it doesn't take much room up at all.

At this stage I would recommend the Lumea - even just based on these early results I am seeing. In the manual it says best results are seen after approx. 6-8 sessions, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing less and less hair each time I use it.

The price tag is rather expensive for an initial layout, but for those considering a course of IPL in a salon etc the Lumea does become really cost efficient given the fact that you can treat every area of your body that you desire and you are able to give yourself as many 'sessions' needed without having to pay each time.



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Trail team review - First review

I was so happy to be part of the trial team to review the phillips lumea ipl machine thankyou so much BH and phillips for their generosity.
The first thing I love about this machine that it is NOT bulky , it is compact lightweight and very portable so it is really to use all over your body. It si the same size and weight of an average hairdryer.
It has a charging battery which lasts for a long time and you dont need to worry about dragging wires everywhere I can sit comfortably on my bed and do my legs with this. Its a no mess machine, the instruction advises to shave before using it so therefore when using the IPL , you dont have to worry about any messiness. It does not require any pretreatment creams or conductive gels which is a plus as less things to worry about.
I have medium brown skin (indian complexion) with black hair so the intensity 3/4 works best on my skin. For my face I use 3 and for my legs and arms I use 4. I used it on my chin for two sessions two weeks apart and I am soo soo soo happy , my chin is finally smooth and hair free . I had a few hair sticking out which looked gross and I was really self concious about them , but after one month they are gone and NOT growing back so I can defiinately see good results . Its a WIN for me.
It does not hurt alot and this machine has built in safety features that prevent any mishaps. The IPL only flashes if it is flat against the skin. it comes with two connectors(caps) one suitable for your face and one for the body.
I have also seen a reduction of hair on my arms and will use it more to see the outcome.
Loving the machine so far.

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