Veet - EasyGrip™ Ready to Use Wax Strips


EasyGrip™ Ready to Use Wax Strips

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Veet EasyGrip™ Ready to Use Wax Strips are developed for normal skin. The strips come with a new grip tab to help perfect the waxing technique. The shape of the strips make waxing easy as the grip tab highlights the right area to remove the strip and offers additional room for a more precise hold. The innovative design makes hair removal faster and more efficient. To use on the legs and body, warm the strips between the hands then apply and remove. This product comes with Ready-to-Use Wax Strips and four Perfect Finish Wipes.

$11.49 / $17.29

Pack size:
20 strips / 40 strips


Through supermarkets and pharmacies nationally

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1800 022 046 (AUS) / 0800 40 30 30 (NZ)

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Pretty good and convenient

These are really convenient and come in handy when you don't have much time and can't be bothered to heat up wax the old fashioned way. You can use them for any part of the body and I just cut them with scissors to make them smaller. I find that they aren't that sticky though so I try to warm them up with my hands a bit. After removing the strips it does a pretty good job of removing the hair. However I notice it does miss some spots. The finishing wipes are great for removing the extra wax stuck on the body which is always a pain to get off but not anymore.



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Convenient and easy to use!

These wax strips are great, they are fast and effective when waxing legs. They simply peel apart (it's better to separate slowly so you don't get lines between the wax). they are great value for money as I only need max 3 strips (1 and a half each leg) so this pack lasts a while. You don't always however get a clean thorough wax as some hair does get left behind. But I find it's hardly noticeable!



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Actually works really well!

I have been using these wax strips now after being introduced to them by my sister. I have shaved all my life and didnt really expect them to work, not being an 'in salon' treatment.

These strips are so easy, you rub them together and apply, and they dont hurt anywhere near as much as getting my legs waxed in a salon.

I can get both my lower legs done with 3 strips, so instead of paying $40 for a half leg wax i get 4 leg waxes per box! talk about saving money!


Definately worth it, just make sure you rub in the direction of the hair and pull the skin taught as you pull the strip off. I found it works best straight out of the shower (obviously with dry legs) while your skin is still warm, it gets all the hairs out and hurts the least.

Ideal for

legs, bikini, arms etc



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I am converted from shaving

I have thick hair on my legs from years of shaving. Can count on one hand how many times I have waxed. I have tried other wax strips over time and had no luck. Was quiet surprised at the results I got as most of my hair was gone where normally there would be only one or two on other strips I have used. I only ended up with a small amount of red spots and no redness which my skin was all good after about half an hour. The finish wipes were helpful they soothed and moisturised my skin. The instructions are easy to follow a bonus for a novice waxer like me. The only annoying bit is the second strip easily rolls up when peeling the strip apart and a couple of times I ended up with wax on the bench top. Especially when concentrating on doing the wax I would forget about the second strip!

Ideal for

Anyone that would like to give waxing a go after shaving for years. Also a cheaper option then going to beauty salons.



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Fast, Good smell & Easy to use

This is a great product! The instructions are clear, its fast and no need to heat and cut up all sort of things before waxing and I like the smell!! My legs felt smooth and soft afterwards.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to wax their legs fast or does not have time to go to a professional to get their legs waxed. This is a great product but its not excellent.
But we all have different opinions :)


Wipe your legs with the wipes provided straight after waxing one part. Use a strip to wax, wipe it immediately. Much easier to remove than later



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Not worth it

I was looking forward to using this product. It should have been easy to use. When I tried to use the sheets they curled up and stuck to themselves. I was only able to use one out of the whole packet. The wax which remained on my leg wasn't easy to remove.
Very disappointing.

Scray Scray


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Slight improvement

I give these an extra star over the regular ready-to-use range as the added grip length is a bit nicer. It's nice not having sticky fingers during waxing which always turned out to be quite an issue with the original strips.

These will not remove all the hairs for legs, I'd say between 70-90% at best. You will definitely be plucking afterwards if you're that set on smooth legs. It helps to thin out the hair, and with continuous use will definitely cut back on the growth and you will find yourself shaving a lot less as a result.



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i got given this product from my mum who tired waxing but doesnt like it. i found that the wax when peeling it back did not come off as it should there was massive parts that didnt seperate from the other side of the wax strip.
i also descovered that it only got only some of my hairs. there was a lot of wax left on my legs and it was yuk

my friend did wax my upper lip from this product just cutting it down to size that worked really well but she too had problems getting the wax to stick to both sides.
it wasnt due to the fact that we werent rubbing it right becasue we were we even got a hair dryer to do it yet we still found the same thing happening



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Easy to use

I love these convenient wax strips...I warm my first one up and then while I'm using the 2 pieced from that I sit another under my leg to it's ready.
It's quite easy to peel apart and then to place on my hairy leg....there's no pain as I rip it off really quickly...and my leg is left hairless....I use 2 and a half strips on one leg as I can re-use a strip up to 3 times....
I love the after wax wipes that come with this...the wipes smell amazing and feel amazing and leave my legs looking gorgeous; healthy and moisturised. And soft!



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It's Fast

No epilators needed or even a pincer, which reduces so much time. I always wax after work, and normally epilators take a great deal of time and effort, and sometimes I feel incredibly tired that couldn't remove my makeup! I am so glad they designed these ready to go wax strips immediately from the packet. It's so easy to use, and it doesn't o much pain, and most of all it saves time. Now I wax frequently, almost everyday for cleaner results

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