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Hair Removal Cream Sensitive

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Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive removes hair on sensitive skin without redness or stubble. Designed for use on the legs, the formula is enriched with two key ingredients: aloe vera and vitamin E. To use, simply apply the cream onto the skin, wait five minutes and remove cream (and hair) using the Perfect Touch spatula. The cream leaves legs feeling smooth up to twice as long as shaving. This product comes with Hair Removal Cream Tube (100mL) and one Perfect Touch Spatula.

$8.49 / $20.99

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100mL / 400mL


Through supermarkets and pharmacies nationally

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1800 022 046 (AUS) / 0800 40 30 30 (NZ)

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Really does the job!

With hair removal creams, I used to leave it on for longer than the leaflet said, as I would do a test patch and still find it somewhat hairy, so I was skeptical about this claiming to need only 5 minutes.

As such, I left this on for longer than the recommended time, which I DO NOT RECOMMEND, because:
a) It worked incredibly well and I was smooth and hairless
b) I ended up with a small scab on the skin

Definitely something you can use in a rush! Yes, you might have to fend your cat off so that he doesn't get it on his coat, but it actually can be scraped off in 5 minutes! That will teach me to be a sceptic! An unexpected love - I will definitely be finishing this tube! This also comes with a spatula to help with application and to scrape off the cream. This retails for $8.49.



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Works well

As much as I do not appreciate Veet wax strips I really like Veet Hair Removal Cream. I usually buy the sensitive skin one. At the moment I have got a 100ml tube. What I like about this hair removal cream is the fact that it really is effective. Some cheaper creams do not remove all the hair, Veet is different and leaves the skin amazingly smooth. I mainly use it for my bikini area when I haven't had any time to have it waxed. It works pretty fast too, from 5 to 10 minutes, which is just enough for me to cleanse my face in the meantime and put a mask on the face or something like that. Then I have a shower where I remove the cream ( and nasty hair) with the spatula that comes with the cream. The spatula is great too as it is not sharp and its ends are covered in some rubber which prevents scratches and cuts. I know hair removal creams tend to have a strong smell and this is the case with Veet too, but I do not mind it at all. I recommend the product. It never irritated my skin or made it red. I do not use it too often however. Only when I have to.



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Holy grail product!

I have been using veet products for many years now and I currently use the sensitive skin hair removal cream in the large value bottle. I really like how soft my skin feels after using the product and how soft and subtle my hair growth has become since using the product. The product is so easy to use and comfortable on the skin. it is such an enjoyable product to use.



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Awful smell and side effects!

It does what it says, which is to remove leg hair. But the smell of the product i just awful! You could tell it contained plenty of nasty products as well first, it stinks and two, if you can just put shaving cream on your legs and scrape it off with some sort of plastic spatula, there's going to be something really bad in there for it to be able to just be removed by a plastic spatula!

I don't have sensitive on my legs but this product gave me red dots all over my legs and when I put body lotion after shaving, my legs were stinging! I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone



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Works ok but is only thing my skin doesn't react to

So I prefer the cream to shaving but I do find that most creams irritate my skin so badly I break out in a rash. This is the only cream gentle enough for my skin which is great. Because it is so gentle on your skin it is also gentler on the hairs but overall it works quite well i found. Is a little pricey though unfortunately. Might try a different one next time



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quite good

having always shaved I tried veet
easy to use. but still has that horrible smell
you need to use it twice to get a smooth result
need to do this on the edge of the bath so that you can rinse off properly. not sure what is a bigger hassle. shaving or this


you need to be very firm with the hair removal spatula

Ideal for

people who are sick of razor nicks



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Hair grew back softer

This product was something new I wanted to try. I was a bit irked that the root was still in my skin, I prefer the idea of waxing to just rip it all out. It was interesting to watch the hair fizzle up but did concern me what this was doing to my skin! The spatula made me feel like I was shaving my legs and left my skin hair-free, smooth and shiny. However the smell could do with improvement and hair grows back quickly - not so good. After several uses I did notice the hair was not so coarse - a plus!



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Works well, not a fan of the smell

I won this, along with other VEET products in an online competition some time ago. I had never used hair removal cream before so I was keen to try this.

The pack comes with a tube of the hair removal cream and a spatula. The instructions are easy to follow. I tried the cream on a patch on my arm as a test, because I have sensitive skin. The test was a success (no skin irritation at all, good hair removal) and I tried both my forearms and my legs the next day.

First of all, I'm not a fan of the cream's smell. It smells like some old-fashioned hair dye, very chemical. I have found that for me, it takes a bit longer than the minimum 5 minutes as per instructions to work, even though I have fine hair. Dilemma time: if I start scraping off the cream around 5 - 6 minutes, the removal doesn't work as well. But if I start scraping off around 8 minutes or so, it works, but my skin will start burning too. The burning sensation and mild redness on my arms was gone once I finished scraping and washing off. However, because of that, I'm hesitant to try this on my bikini area! Very strange as I followed the instructions (minimum 5 minutes, less than 10) and this product is supposed to be for sensitive skin.

However I am impressed that it's been 3 days since I used the cream on my legs, there's so little regrowth I can't even feel it. This is a big plus.

Overall this is a decent product. I will continue to use this product on less sensitive area like my legs, but won't be using it anywhere else.



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It stings

i did not like this product one bit, it actually burnt my skin even after i tested on a sensitive part of my skin overnight. The fact that the smell itself can turn you off, should stop you from putting this on your face. it felt like acid was burning on my face, and will definately not use it again.. ever. Would not recommend this to anyone. RESPONSE FROM VEET: Hi Shan228, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experience using the Veet Hair Removal Cream! We would love to speak to you to discuss your concerns as your feedback is really important to us and we will be able to recommend a Veet product more suited for your skin type. Please contact our Consumer Relations Department on 1800 226 766 (Aust) or alternatively, please send us your details at so we can contact you.



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Does the job well

I have used this cream plenty of times and never had any problems with it. I always put quite a bit of and leave it for about twice the recommended time. I have tried to leave it for the recommended time but it just didn't work very well but when I left it for longer it was fine. It does smell pretty bad I have to admit but does the job for me.

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