Julienne - Julienne Soft-Feel Wax Strips (Legs & Body)


Julienne Soft-Feel Wax Strips (Legs & Body)

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Julienne Soft-Feel Wax Strips (Legs & Body) are an easy and effective way of removing hair from arms, legs and body. Each strip is cloth-like and the natural wax formula contains geranium oil to soothe sensitive skin and minimise irritation. The strips are disposable, contour easily to the body, and are light and compact for travel.
Directions: Warm wax strips by rubbing between hands then slowly separate strips. Press one strip firmly onto skin in the direction of hair growth, hold skin taut then immediately peel-off in opposite direction.


Pack size:
26 Strips + 2 post-wax azulene sachets


Available at Priceline and selected pharmacies nationwide.

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1300 366 833

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The best out of all

Ive been using wax strips to wax my arm and legs for the past 4 years and i just discovered these at priceline because it had this buy one get one free deal.
They are quick and very easy to use to remove my body hair which then leave my skins feeling soft.
My skin is sensitive yet it left no rashes nor red on my skin which i am very impressed.
I will definitely repurchase and i also recommended it to my friends

Platinum Ms


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DIY Waxing on a Professional Level

After watching Deb and her waxing video, I decided I would give this product ago, it seem so easy and it was!
Mess free, easy to use and took no time at all with the quality of the wax it to all my hairs off and there was no red marks like some ot the other wax strips I have used.
You could smell the sweet geranium oil but was not overpowering just enough to give that beauty salon feel.

Ideal for

Anyoine who loves DIY waxing or needs touch ups this is a fantastic product.
Highly Recommended!



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Great DIY product

I love these strips! I had never thought to wax my arms at home before, but they are so easy to use and are quite painless compared to some other waxes. I waxed my arms a week ago and there isn't even the slightest hint of regrowth!


Make sure you rub the strips together for long enough to warm them up completely.

Ideal for

Hairy people like me!



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Waxing made difficult!

'Julienne Wax Strips for Legs and Body' came in a slim pack and contained 26 strips + 2 post wax creme sachets. I thought the slim pack was good and very easy to store in my beauty cabinet as it didn't take up a lot of room.
The strips had a geranium scent which was a little too strong for my liking, i would have preferred a more subtle smell.
The wax was easy to apply in theory, all i had to do was rub the two strips together in my hand for around 5-10 seconds to slightly warm up. I then slowly peeled the two strips apart and applied one strip to my leg, smoothed on firmly in the direction of hair growth and then quickly ripped of the wax strip (ouch). The instructions said that each strip could be used several times but i found that it wasn't really that effective after the first time. I don't think it's a good waxing product as it did not remove all of my hair, you can only wax the same spot once or twice but any more is not recommended even by a salon. After waxing i had a big rash which didn't actually fade away until a couple of hours later. The 'Azulene Post Wax Creme' was good as it eased the pain but unfortunately didn't do much for the rash.
I often do my own waxing but this would have to be the worst wax that i have ever used. It just left me with a rash and didn't remove all the hair.
I definately would not purchase this product and i would not recommend it to any of my family and friends.
Thanks for allowing me to trial this product but it isn't a winner in my book.



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Not impressed

I was very excited to try this wax strips as I think they are convinient and most effective for hair removal. This pack contain 26 wax strips with two pouch of after wax soothing cream.
To use them we have to rub the wax strips between palm for few seconds to peel them apart to use. They have a very strong smell which I didn't liked. These strips are no doubt very easy to use but I found they are not as efficient as they should be because I think they contain very little wax.
They also gave me some bumps/rashes on my skin which went away after some time but I feel that they are not suitable for sensitive skin.
I really liked the after wax cream as it removed all the traces of wax and made the skin very soft and smooth so full points for the cream.


Follow all the instructions written on the pack otherwise it can irritate your skin.

Ideal for

I think it's not suitable for sensitive skin.



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can be a little sticky

the wax strips work well but I found that it could be tricky to peel them apart and sometimes they became sticky, leaving some wax behind on the area where used, but otherwise generally very user friendly and effective



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Love these strips

Julienne wax strips are such good wax strips, they were the first type of waxing product I used when I began waxing and are great for beginners. I use these on my legs and they are a quick and easy way to get rid of hair. The strips feel soft and effectively remove the hair, sometimes there is some remaining wax but that is easily fixed by using another strip on the remaining wax area. Julienne wax strips = fantastic product.

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