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Veet Hair Removal Cream dissolves hairs rather than cutting them, so unwanted hair takes longer to grow back than it does with shaving, and the regrowth is softer. Formulated to leave the skin smooth, the cream features a lotus milk and jasmine fragrance and works within three minutes. It comes with a Hair Removal Cream Tube (100mL) and one Perfect Touch Spatula. Ideal for normal skin types, this cream is specifically developed for use on the legs.


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Good product

Been using this products for couple of year and so far so good.
Easy to apply.smell is not bad too.But have to wait a little longer to remove thicker hair then the pack recommends.ll continue to use it in the future.



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My skin reacted!

Just think what it does to the skin if it can "dissolve" the hair on your body. It irritated my skin that mush I got the worst dermatitis on my legs for years. Luckily laser treatment fixed the dermatitis but this product is not safe on the skin and it smells disgusting. RESPONSE FROM VEET: Hi Belinda478, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experience using the Veet Hair Removal Cream! We would love to speak to you to discuss your concerns as your feedback is really important to us and we will be able to recommend a Veet product more suited for your skin type. Please contact our Consumer Relations Department on 1800 226 766 (Aust) or alternatively, please send us your details at so we can contact you.


Laser therapy is honestly the BEST form of hair removal in my opinion

Ideal for

No one.



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Too much hassle for minimal results

This cream sounds easy to use but it can get a bit messy and it doesn't do a good job at removing my unwanted hair. I find using this is a bit time consuming and the results aren't any better then shaving. It has a very strong and unpleasant smell.



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It burns!

I don't have sensitive skin, but dear god did this burn! It left my skin red and irritated afterwards too. Also, the amount of product you need to do all your legs compared to how much product there is in the tube is unfair, you're lucky to get 2 uses out of a tube,



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Not repurchasing

Its not the most comfortable cream to remove hair because it does give an uncomfrtable sensation on the skin but it gets the job done.

Miss Cazichi


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Works ok for the price you pay

This works easier for me than waxing but it is not so good for those times when you are in a rush as you have to wait for the cream to work its magic.


Don't rely on it all the time but it is good for something like a lazy Sunday.

Ms Billi


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Smells awful

After seeing all the advertisements about this product I thought that I would give it a go. Unfortunately for me, this product didn't work very well and to make things worse, it smells absolutely awful!

After applying the product on your legs, you have to wait a while before using a spatula to remove the hair. I found that the spatula didn't really do anything in removing the unwanted hair and I really had to scrape my skin in order for to to budge. Given that this product wasn't effective in removing my unwanted hair, I felt that it was a waste of money and time because I had to use another product afterwards in order to remove the unwanted hairs. It also left my skin feeling dry.

I also feel that you don't get much value from this product because you only get enough for 2 applications for your legs at the most.

Finally, the smell of this product does it no favors at all. The packaging looks all fresh and nice but once you open the product it stinks! Not a pleasant experience at all, I have to say.

Ms Jelena


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not impressed

The only thing that I liked about this product was the spatula for removing the product and the hair (supposedly the hair).

I followed the instructions and when I used the spatula to remove the hair, my hair didn't budge. I actually had to scrape it over the skin quite strongly to get some of the hair off and other didn't move at all, so I had to go over it with a razor anyway.

The product made my skin itchy and red/weird looking for a few days afterwards, so I wasn't impressed with that either.

To top it off, this cream smells so incredibly unpleasant that it's hard not to faint!

Overall, I am really disappointed with this product, and I never repurchased it. It took me longer than if I tried shaving, and on top of that I had to shave over it to remove all the hair. It's a waste of time.



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I really like this product. I think it smells very nice, is very easy to apply and works like a charm!! You just squirt a bit out on to the spatular type thing, and spread it on you skin. Then wait a few minutes and scrape it off. I would definitely recommend it and repurchase. (:



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Shaving would be faster

This product takes far too long to remove as the recommended times did not work and I had to leave the product on longer. Also the amount does not last much at all which should be taken into consideration as most people use it on their legs, I dont feel as smooth as I do when I shave as well.

Ideal for

No one !

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