Say goodbye to bingo wings

25 Nov 2010 05:00 AM | Posted by Editor
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Thanks to Booty Camp I have found my fitness calling. You would never guess it, but I’m a boxer at heart (or a bruiser, as bh’s Liv would call me). Not proper punch-in-the-head boxing (I’d probably cry if I got punched in the face), but jumping around jabbing and hooking with my fellow beautyheaven Booty Campers.

This is the part I look forward to the most and what gets me up so early in the morning (that and the fact that I have the best Booty Camp attendance record out of the beautyheaven team – I haven’t missed ONE SINGLE SESSION, and I’m determined to hold that record. Rain, hail, shine, hangover - I’m up and out there!)

I am such a girly girl, so I never thought I would get such pleasure from punching those pads. But it’s such a great stress release (me? Angry? No...), and great for your cardiovascular fitness.

If you’ve ever started an intense fitness regime after not having exercised for a while (like me), you’ll probably get to the point where you feel like you might throw up (also like me). So here’s what you do – don’t abruptly stop exercising, but keep moving. Walk around until the feeling wears off. Our trainer, Yaly, taught us that and it works a treat. 

But don’t be scared by my talk of vomit! You get over the pain and exhaustion surprisingly quickly. Before you know it you’re doing sumo squats and push-ups with ease and getting through the day with much more energy. My arms are already much more toned and I am getting pretty darn good at those tricky boxing combinations. 

So get out there and get your gloves on, and say goodbye to those tuck shop lady arms...


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