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02 Dec 2010 17:00 PM | Posted by Editor
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Our six weeks of Booty Camp has come to an end and, well, despite the early starts and the occasional training in the rain, I’m kind of sad that it’s all over.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned in to one of those people that would forfeit a Saturday sleep-in for a run on the beach, but I have really enjoyed the feeling of getting together with a group of friends and starting my day by getting my heart-rate up and my calorie count down.

Plus, since I started, my fitness, strength and flexibility levels have seriously improved – not only can I now run laps of a park I could barely walk around, but I can also touch my toes (a big feat for very inflexible me – yippee!), and my friends and family have commented on how toned my arms look (eat your heart out Madonna!). Click here to read what bh's Nat, Liv, Carli, and Laina thought of their Booty Camp experiences, or watch the video of our first week at Booty Camp...

But as I mentioned at the start of the six-week program, this health and fitness challenge wasn’t just about me and the bh team – it was about you too! Many of you worked really hard to achieve your own health and fitness goals, and while we only have two free Booty Camp courses to give away, we’ve no doubt your healthier, more active lifestyles will make you all winners in the long run!

So congratulations Ruby77 and Misspamperedprincess – you’ve both won a free six-week Booty Camp course!

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*This offer is only redeemable by new clients only. If you are currently enrolled on a Booty Camp course this offer does not apply.


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