Ahh date night. The night when you spend hours curling your hair, meticulously applying your make-up and changing outfits several times, until you finally settle on exactly what you started with.

And since it’s the night when you go to the most amount of effort for that special someone, you’d want to ensure that you’re armed with the proper date night necessities in your handbag.

So don’t date unprepared, ensure you’ve got these date night essentials and ensure a seamless, special (and hopefully sensual!) evening.


If you and your beau have just shared a romantic meal, but you can feel that your make-up is less than perfect, it’s time for a touch-up (you’ll want your pout to seem perfectly kissable and your skin even and blotch-free right?).

When you’re pre-armed with trustworthy, clutch-friendly products that you can depend on, not only will you be guaranteed to look gorgeous, but we bet your confidence will be boosted too. We love: Benefit Get Even Pressed Powder, as it works to even out your skin tone, colour correct, and  fixes shine in a flash. As for your lips, there’s no going past Napoleon Perdis Better Off Red Double Agent Rouge, with its semi-matte formulation and complementing powder, you can play around with the intensity of your lipstick to create different looks to suit your mood, and the atmosphere.

Get fresh

Dinner’s over and you’re about to head down the romance road, but you’re slowly realising that ‘date-friendly dinner’ you just ate was chock full of garlic, onion and other supremely whiffy ingredients. What’s a girl to do? Fear not; simply arm yourself with packet of Hollywood Make Out Mints so you can be sure that not a trace of garlic hits his lips when you go in for the kiss. Better still, pack a Colgate Wisp in your clutch and pop to the ladies’ room for a minute – the disposable toothbrush will be a lifesaver when you’re desperate to get rid of that unpleasant taste in your mouth either post-meal or, if things go really well, the next morning.

And while you’re taking a moment to freshen your breath, ensure you still smell as alluring as possible by freshening up your perfume. The Chloé Solid Perfume Necklace will not only look sensational with any date night outfit, but the gorgeously scented perfume balm inside will leave your scent lingering all night long.

Be prepared

The end of your date has finally arrived, love is in the air and you want to spend some special time with your beau.

At this point, it’s essential to be prepared for wherever your loved-up date night takes you, making Durex Fetherlite Intense condoms an absolute must-have (you can’t always rely on the guy for these sorts of things!). The thinnest condoms in the Durex range, Fetherlite Intense condoms are 20% thinner*, allowing your beau to really get closer to you. Most importantly though, Fetherlite Intense condoms provide the same reliable protection you’ve come to trust from Durex, so you can both enjoy greater feeling whilst being protected. Likewise, Vagisil Feminine Wipes are also handy to keep close. They're slim enough to go unnoticed in your handbag (or pocket!) and can be used to freshen up down below at any time. They also help to prevent odour from occuring thanks to a special odour blocking formulation, so you're guaranteed to feel confident no matter where the night takes you!
*than Durex Regular Condoms. Always read the label. Use only as directed.
Durex Fetherlite IntenseCondoms, $6.69, Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and most Pharmacies & Independent Supermarkets


What is your biggest date night essential?