FUN FACT OF THE DAY: The average female uses more than 12,000 tampons in her life. True story.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this number is a heck of a lot higher than I ever expected it to be. It’s not that I’ve spent loads of time crunching the tampon numbers, but it does make me think: if we’re using that many feminine hygiene products during our lifetime, shouldn’t we have more choice when it comes to what we’re putting in our bodies? Erm, yes. Yes it does.

Enter stage left: TOM organic.

No, he’s not an organic man here to save you from crippling periods; it’s actually the name of Australia’s first feminine hygiene range to be Australia Certified Organic (ACO).

TOM stands for Time Of Month (clever, much?) and the organic part, well, that indicates the brand’s use of the finest organic cotton possible. Yep, each tampon, pad and liner product by the brand is free from perfumes, chemicals, pesticides, bleach and genetically modified cotton. Spiffy, huh?

But it gets better beauties. Much better.

It’s not just your insides getting dizzy with excitement over TOM organic’s body-friendly products, the earth is delighting in their creation, too. By following organic farming practises TOM is doing its bit for the planet as well, you see. How? By cultivating its cotton in an earth-friendly way, its preventing harmful toxins from entering the environment and damaging our wonderful surroundings. So, feel free to take your hats off to the brand right about… NOW!

Keen to try out its prods? TOM organic’s got a variety of tampons and pads, as well as keep-you-feeling-super-fresh panty liners, and you can find them all at Woolworths, IGA, Thomas Dux Grocer and Chemist Warehouse. They’re an organic beauty lover’s dream, so if you’re a big believer in treating your body to natural products I suggest you check them out. You’ve now got the power of the choice, so use it, I say. Who knows, they might just be your new favourite tampons…

Sneaky sidenote: besides the irritation-free cotton, my favourite thing about this brand is the ultra-clever slim tampon packs. They do a fantastic job of preventing your tampons from spilling out into the bottom of your handbag, which we all know is an utterly annoying thing. 

Cherie Herrmann





Have you heard of TOM organic tampons? Are you keen to try out its organic feminine hygiene products and treat your body to a more natural experience during that awful time of the month?

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