While there are some of us who breeze through our periods, there are others of us who experience menstrual pain so crippling we’re often forced to skip work days, dose up on strong pain medication and spend hours stooped over the toilet bowl. If you’re sick of period pain ruling your life, try these easy techniques for period pain relief…

Heat treat

Applying heat to the affected area can be an effective way to dampen period pain. Try applying a hot water bottle or wheat bag to the abdomen for 20 minutes.


Light exercise such as walking can help to relieve mild to moderate period pain and getting some fresh air is a great way to feel better instantly, too.


After applying heat, gently try stretching the affected area to relieve tension. You can do this by reaching your arm up and over to the side so that you feel a stretch along the side of your abdomen, or alternatively, if you have lower back pain you can also try gently massaging your back.

Mint tea

Try sipping on peppermint tea to ease the nausea and gas related to period pain.

Prevent it

Increasing your intake of calcium rich foods such as milk and cheese will help to lessen future occurrences of period pain. You can also lessen the impact of period pain by taking a vitamin B6 supplement daily.

If all else fails

Try taking ibuprofen. Ibuprofen contains anti-inflammatory agents so it is ideal for period pain relief.

Do you get period pain? If so, what do you do to beat the cramps?