Have you heard of ‘Poshitis’? It’s a real condition you know. Okay, maybe not that real, but it is serious – and it’s also one of the many reasons your handbag is adding to the deterioration of your health.

Yep, it seems that your handbag is capable of a lot more than just carting around everything but the kitchen sink – and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Why, the handbag your carrying right now could be filled with all sorts of hazards that may be affecting your health. Do you know what you should be looking for?

Discover the reasons your handbag may be hindering your health in a big way…


‘Poshitis’ is a condition named after none other than Victoria Beckham, who is known for carrying her handbag on her arm, right near the inner bend of her elbow. While this may seem a little on the harmless side, it seems that carrying large, heavy handbags in this way can result in torn muscles and inflamed shoulder tendons. Physiotherapist Sammy Margos also reported that she’d seen a large increase in shoulder and neck problems since the bag-carrying trend began.

HANDBAG HAZARD #2: water bottles

While many of us think keeping bottled water in our handbags is something to be commended for, we also need to think about the damage it can cause us, too. Water bottles left in your bag for an extended period of time can see some of the dangerous chemicals found in the plastic (such as phthalates) leaching into the water of time, which can lead to hormone imbalances and fertility issues. It’s imperative that you switch to using glass bottles, or rinsing and changing your water bottles regularly.

HANDBAG HAZARD #3: used tissues

Do you tend to wipe your nose with a tissue and then shove it into your bag when you’re on the go? You’re guilty, come on – you know you are. So what happens to those used tissues in the bottom of your bag? Well, the robust virus that causes colds and flu can survive on tissues for a long, long time. This means that whenever you rummage through your bag and touch bench tops or door handles, you’re potentially spreading the germs and even re-infecting yourself! So throw those tissues away after every use.

HANDBAG HAZARD #4: make-up

Just like food, our make-up also has a use-by date and should be thrown out and replaced after a certain period of time. Have you ever stumbled across an old lip gloss or mascara in the bottom of your bag? If you think it may be more than six months old, put it down (especially mascara)! Many make-up products, especially products housed in tubes like mascara and gloss can harbour bacteria that has been transferred into the product after use. The dark, warm environment of a make-up tube is the perfect place for bacteria to breed and when these products are thrown into the bottomless pit of your handbag and forgotten about – it could be too late to safely use them again by the time you remember they’re there.

Which handbag hazard do you think puts you most at risk? Are you guilty of commiting any of these handbag-related sins?